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Aug 19, 2013 08:07 PM

Bachelorette party private chef near Napa?

Umm, so, here's the thing. I'm wondering if there are any private chefs out there in Napa that cater to bachelorette parties -- essentially, hot dude chefs who will cook dinner for 10 girls for one night and maybe let some of them touch his apron.

Just kidding...probably no apron touching.

I know this is a tacky question. I assumed I'd be able to just Google it but I'm getting nowhere. Has anyone heard of anything like this, or I do have an overly devious imagination? Please help!

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    1. I asked around to my Napa-friends (many insiders) and while the idea was intriguing to some, no one had recommendations, I'm sorry to say...

      Sadly, the reputation of bachelorette parties in Napa -- of which there are far too many that cause irreparable harm -- is probably going to hinder your search.

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        Thanks for checking! I hear you on the bad rep that bachelorette parties get. By and large we deserve it. Which is what's good about Vegas.