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Aug 19, 2013 08:04 PM

Richmond Hill Residents Rejoice??!! - A "Congee Wong" just opened up in the neighbourhood!!!

Though offering not the best of Chinese food, however, this popular noodle/congee place is more than acceptable and is better than most similar run-of-the-mill places. With branch locations in First Markham Place, Promenade Mall and Finch/Leslie. I am glad to see them finally open up a store in Richmond Hill.
Located inside the Bayview Hill Centre at the corner of Spadina and 16th Avenue, it replaces the old Regal16, which has moved up to the Richlane Mall on Leslie.
Tonight, I had a late night snack of Won-Ton noodles and Braised Beef Brisket and Tendons. Food was decent but I was surprised to find the service exceptional!! So rare to see smiling faces in a Chinese fast food place!!

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  1. Is the menu different here? Someone posted some pics on yelp and it looks like a pineapple bun sandwich. I've never seen that before. Can't say I think it looks tasty but it's interesting.

    1. That is good news as I live 5 minutes away. Thanks for the report Charles.

      1. Brutal location though, I saw it last night too, but you can barely tell it's there and I find it a little small. But yay for congee wong in the neighborhood!

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        1. re: Wil

          Actually the space inside is pretty big!! They took down all the private rooms of the old Regal16, so its very open.

        2. Just a quick update!
          After eaten there 3 times in 3 days. My conclusion is that, I would head down to Richmond Court on Leslie/Hwy7 for Cantonese bbq meat related and stirred fry food, which I found to be tastier and better executed. Congee Wong's stirred fry food tasted a bit bland, IMO.
          As a place for a casual snacks and drink, then Congee Wong offers better ambiance and more comfortable and cozy surroundings!

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            Thanks for the insight! I would love to have one in the GTA West. Slim pickings here.

            As an aside, either you are the most diligent 'researcher' food lover or you are from a Northern China village where the average height is 6'6" and its normal to consume 3k+ calories a day. I'm kidding. I wish I could discover new places to eat and snack all day long.

            1. re: Nevy

              I agree, why is it there are no good chinese places in the west end? Mississauga is non-existent.

              1. re: flonie

                I wouldn't say it's non-existent but it can be dire!

                We do have Macey's for the decent to good HK style noodle house/cafe. I would dare say that it's actually comparable to some places out in GTA East but it's definitely higher priced (since there's no competition). It's good, freshly made, and service is never slow.

                As for dim sum and dinners/banquets, uh yes... dire indeed. The only ones that are decent are My Kitchen (practically Oakville) and Golden Fountain (right beside the new gleaming Adonis). They're not bad but not great either... but it's the best we have.

                Then you have the standout The Grand but it's barely in Mississauga. Awesome dim sum and dinners. Yes it's pricier but to me, it's worth saving an extra 20-40 minutes trekking to the GTA East.

                1. re: Nevy

                  Agree about your comment on 'Grand'. Though good Dim Sum but not sure its worth paying a hefty premium for decor and hotel location!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    If you're from GTA East, I totally agree with Charles. There are great and better options if you're from Richmond Hill.

                    But if I have to do a weekday Chinese dinner for 'Poh Poh' cause it's an auspicious day, spending $15 on the 407 one way or spending up to 1.5 hours on the 400 series highways to get to Markham vs The Grand premium... it's an easy choice for the Grand for me. That being said, I would love to do an Omei lobster dinner and that 'might' be worth the extra hour on the highway!

                  2. re: Nevy

                    It's funnyou mention golden fountain. We go there and yeah the food isn't great but not much around. It's better than Sam Woo that's for sure. A few times we were turned off by the bad service at golden fountain (creditview restaurant) back in the day only to find out service was worse elsewhere.

                    I'll check out The Grand. Is it old school dim sum? How's the service/ I've been to these so called 'posh' restaurants for dim sum and if you aren't a regular, you aren't worth their time even though it's $$$$

                    1. re: flonie

                      You keep complaining about not being a regular at places. I only go for dim sum once or twice a year, so I'm not a regular anywhere, and I've never felt neglected or poorly treated at the places I've gone. My preference is Yang's, but I've been to Grand a few times and I love it. But maybe my standards for service are lower. :o)

                      Grand is slightly higher end dim sum, so you'll find some more refined choices on the menu. But it's still good for all the standard choices.

                      1. re: TorontoJo

                        I'm the same as TorontoJo about dim sum restaurants. I don't go very often because they're not so great in my area but whenever I go, I am not treated poorly anywhere. I'm not expecting white glove service but then again, I'm not at Lai Wah Heen and I'm not looking for free dim sum or 10% cards when I go. What are your expectations of being a 'regular'?

                        The Grand is not 'old school' and when I mean old school, I think back to a fun but loud environment where you have carts being shuttled about with dim sum and the wait staff is competing in decibels to push the bowls/plates of food. The Grand is more refined than Golden Fountain and My Kitchen. There are no carts and dim sum is plated with purpose instead of haphazardly thrown together. There are some novel interpretations of dim sum on the menu but the 'old standard' like ha gau is well executed. One item not to be missed is the freshly baked egg tarts. They're petite but surprisingly wonderful strong flavours. If you want 'cheap and volume' dim sum, this it not the restaurant.

                        1. re: TorontoJo

                          Well I don't know where you go, but I have found that generally customer service is not on the highest points for many establishments that serve Dim sum. You may be right about standards for service lower. Hey listen, I'm not expecting people to drop everything they are doing for me, but if I have to flag multiple people a few times for napkins or hot sauce or whatever. That's an issue. If I say "Can I please have ..." and when you bring it I say "Thank you" and you give me a sullen face and walk away...that's something.

                          Definition of being a regular - the servers will come up to you, ask how your food is. Servers seem genuinely happy to see you, filling your hot water when they walk by and see it. Even if you haven't made a reservation, they will bring you to the front of the line even though other people have reservations.

                          That's what I'm talking about. I'm refering to the rushed service you may get at canteen places like Kings Noodles where they just want to rush you out. Except I have found 'high quality' establishments doing that. Case in point, I was really disappointed with Crown Prince. I read a few reviews about Casa imperial (the one on steeles) and other people noted that the food wasn't necessarily hot and they were treated indifferently because they were not 'regular' customers.

                          Does that make sense now?

                2. re: Charles Yu

                  Argh Charles

                  I wish you would have mentioned that earlier! We were really excited to go there. We couldn't make it that far yesterday so we went to the one at First Markham Place. I saw a picture from yelp and it had a pineapple bun sandwich with some stuff (it didn't look like something I'd eat but I thought it was neat).

                  I spoke to them on the phone and they claimed they have alot more stir fry varities. We treked it all the way there and I gotta say the food was bland. We ordered fried spicy squid, some tofu dish with a dip that was tasteless, seafood and tofu pot (ok), honey garlic wings were good and dry garlic seafood rice was very wet.

                  It's a nice location inside (area is very quiet though, don't want to be here too late) but we wouldn't go out of our way here. They have a breakfast and lunch menu which looks interesting but too far to make it out there in time.

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Charles you are so hardcore lol!

                    1. re: Wil

                      The things I would do for my fraternity brethren!! Ha!!
                      Sometimes need to balance the good with the bad!!