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Granola as good as Cook's Farm?

I was not a granola fan until I tasted the the granola from Cook's Farm at my local farmers market. Now I'm addicted. My question is where else can I get granola that good?

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  1. so, this is only half an answer. I have never eaten that Cook's Farm but I will look for it. The half answer that IS an answer is that, were I posting MY version of your question, it would be "Granola as good as Alice's?" This is produced by Formaggio's head baker and includes dried cherries, cashews, pistachios and pecans and more. Not too dry, not too sweet, my fav of a lifetime of granola.

    1. Never tried Cooks, but the granolas from Clear Flour and Mariposa are both to my liking.

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        As big a fan of Clear Flour I am, their granola doesn't compare.

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          Mariposa's is delicious. Running low and will get to Union Sq this weekend for more! :)

        2. Another Cook's Farm fan here. Love the granola which I believe is sweetened with their own maple syrup. That may part of the reason you enjoy it.

          Earlier this year they had some granola bars that were wonderful and my husband is addicted to their oatmeal raisin cookies. Seems they have a way with oats!


          1. Early Bird Granola is to die for. I've seen it sold at Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square. Otherwise, I've only seen it at farmers markets in New York.

            1. Tried some from Cooks today. Delish!

              1. I can't stand when people answer like this, but I'm going to do it anyway:

                Google the Cook's Illustrated Chunky Granola recipe. It is really about as easy as cooking gets, tastes fantastic, and is relatively cheap (compared to the kind of absurd prices that premium granola commands)

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                  I completely agree with you, Ruprecht......most granolas are way to sweet for my palate and way overpriced.....and I love the ability to put exactly what I like in mine. I make a big batch every 2 weeks or so, using the Martha Rose Schulman recipe from the NYT. Takes exactly 5 minutes, but I add my dried fruit after the base cools.


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                    i LOVE it that the NYTimes author gave credit to and actually named the donut hole innovator. cool idea- related to tube pan baking. ( But chicky, you don't mean 5 minutes, right? it says 35 min.)

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                      When I say "only 5 minutes", I mean the prep time.....the 30 minutes baking time you are free to go on with your life! ;)

                2. http://cooksfarmandbakery.com/product...

                  Aside from the farmer's markets, it looks like they'll be opening up in (closer than Brimfield) Newbury soon. Lots of products.

                  I think that's great that Wheat germ is a major ingred of their granola; so many granolas are just all carbs.