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Aug 19, 2013 07:56 PM

The last time I made this chicken, it was really good.......

So I wan't to make it again.Tonight I'm cooking chicken cacciatore.Baked,boiled,barbecued,fried,stewed,tacos or other ways you enjoyed your last chicken.And you will make again.Always looking for new ideas. Thanks

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  1. A few weeks ago Mr. Sueatmo cooked a whole chicken, which I prepared by brining, oiling and herbing, on our outdoor gas grill. Superb!

    1. Coffee brined whole chicken cooked zuni style. Was incredibly moist and the brine added a subtle oomph to the flavour of the meat.

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        Wow I love Zuni style and this coffee brine sounds amazing!

      2. I made this last and it was delicious..and so easy to make.

        1. Saturday I got a box of roasted Hatch chiles, and froze most of them. Sunday I made chile verde with chicken thighs, potatoes, and the Hatch chiles. Yummy!

          1. I've been doing Jacques Pepin's ballotine a lot lately. It always seems to come out quite moist and falvorful. Below is a video clip of him making it.


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              That ballotine is so awesome! A friend makes a small version with two whole breasts he bones out and turns end to end.