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Aug 19, 2013 06:59 PM

A week in New York

Hi Guys and Gals,

I am heading over to New York in the middle of September for a week for my honeymoon. Was wondering if you could give some comments on the list of places that we intend to eat at. If you don't mind letting me know if that there are places on my list that are worth skipping or that some places are rather similar and I should maybe try something else.

So far the current list we have is:

Breakfast - Balthazar, Lafayette & Egg
Lunch - Le Bernardin, The Nomad & Jean Georges
Dinner - Ma Peche, Empellon Cocina, Alder, Minetta Tavern, Salon @ Per Se, Torrisi Italian and also we managed to get a late table @ Chef's table at Brooklyn Fare

Places we are considering - The Elm, Juni (waiting for feedback if it's any good), Hanjan, Brushstroke, Estela, The Dutch, Spotted Pig & Musket Room

Thanks again in advance for your help!

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  1. For breakfast, Balthazar & Lafayette are both a bit similar. I would choose just one and do something different like Shopsin's or the Breslin for variety. Only three breakfasts? Where are you staying? Do you plan on hitting up some weekend brunch spots, bagel places, or bakeries the other days?

    Do you already have lunch reservations at Le Bernardin, the NoMad, and Jean George? Le B began booking all of Sept on the first business day of August, which is why I ask. Also make sure you book the correct NoMad on 28th and Broadway.

    For dinner, I prefer Momofuku Ssam over Ma Peche for atmosphere and proximity to Booker & Dax.

    You might also want to consider Pearl & Ash if interested in Alder.

    I hope you have reservations at Minetta Tavern already as well.

    I like The Dutch & Spotted Pig a lot, but don't really think they're quite destination restaurants for out of towners. Or at least not at the top of the list.

    As for Juni, do bear in mind that brand new restaurants take a little bit of time to work out the kinks. This may not necessarily be the best timing for you to visit.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Hi Kathryn

      Thanks for your reply.

      Will make a note of your breakfast recommendations. Was also thinking of going to Breslin for breakfast, so might just head to check it out. We are staying at the Hilton on W57th. Any good breakfast around the area? Most definitely will one to hit up some bagel places and bakeries.

      We already have a made a lunch booking for Le Bernardin. As for Jean Georges the dates that we want have not been made available yet on opentable. Do you think it is better to call the restaurants directly?

      Pearl & Ash sounds like a good idea. Is Luksus similar?

      Thank you again for your quick response.

      1. re: dhall

        Momofuku Milk Bar and Petrossian aren't too far. You could also walk to Bouchon Bakery in the shops at the Time Warner Center. There's also a Dean & Deluca nearby, they often carry goods from bakeries like Balthazar and Doughnut Plant. And there's also the food court at the Plaza.

        Sarabeth's for sit down breakfast/brunch, but it's very popular on weekends.

        Not sure about Luksus, haven't been.

        1. re: dhall

          There is a pick a bagel location on 8th ave b/w 53 and 54th that would be a good breakfast option, i'm sure they would also deliver to your hotel.

          If/when you go to egg i suggest a weekday, the weekend brunch crowd is a crazy wait.

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Will certainly try to check out this bagel place since it is near our hotel. Also thanks on the advice on egg!

      2. I do think The Dutch is a destination—it's one of my favorites (the curry donuts! and perhaps the best fries in town) and is particularly nice for lunch when you're walking around the area—but as much as I love Egg (and I do! I eat there every time I get my hair cut) I'm not sure it is, though it's the best breakfast I can think of if you're planning to be in the neighborhood (though I do like the weekend brunch at Nita Nita a lot, and if you're only interested in half a day I might suggest organizing it around dinner at Diner instead). I agree with kathryn above on the Breslin rec and also the inclination to swap Ssam for Ma Peche.

        Right near you is the legendary breakfast experience at Norma's (in the Parker Meridien). Expensive, but...honeymoon! And it's not near, but you mention bakeries—I'm very fond of the City Bakery for coffee or hot chocolate and pastry, as well as some breakfasty buffet-style options.

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        1. re: prolix

          Thanks for your reply!

          Maybe I can drop by The Dutch for supper? Would that be a good alternative?

          Have just checked out Norma's and have made booking! Thank you very much for the recommendation. The menu looks awesome.

          Maybe we should just skip egg and head to Smorgasburg. We were thinking of spending a day in Brooklyn hence the choice of egg. Ate there the last time I was in New York in 2008 and fell in love with the breakfast.

          Thanks again!

          1. re: dhall

            If you've been there and you love it I'd say roll with that! I was just assuming you'd never been and might be expecting something more serious or formal; apologies. Personally, I do prefer it to Smorgasburg on grounds of atmosphere.

            A late supper at The Dutch sounds totally great to me, especially because it can get a little loud at prime dinner hours.

            Enjoy Norma's!

            1. re: prolix

              No problem. I should have mentioned that this was not my visit to New York but it will be the first time with my wife to be!

              Anyway thank you again for your help! Will update on what our final decisions are.

            2. re: dhall

              Not a fan of Norma's, gave up on them a while ago due to high prices, overcooked eggs dishes, and bad coffee. The sweet dishes seemed impossibly sweet to me.

          2. Honestly, can't go wrong with any of those! Just depends on what you're in the mood for on a particular day.

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            1. re: loratliff

              Thanks! Really can't wait for all the eating to begin!

            2. If you're interested in Ma Peche for dinner, I highly recommend trying their Kappō dinner (counter seating for only 8 guests for a 10 course tasting menu for $95 per person; reservations are required). I recently had a terrific dinner at Per Se's Salon. I tried Brushstroke about 1 1/2 years ago, and wasn't particularly "wowed" by it, and I'm a big fan of Chef David Bouley. The NoMad is an excellent choice.

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              1. re: ellenost

                The Kappo dinner sounds good. Not sure about the timing cause we plan to drop by Ma Peche after a play. But will try to work around it cause it does sound rather enticing.

                Cannot wait for both Per Se and the NoMad's chicken!