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Fermented pizza dough ruined my palate! (Help.)

I had 3 week old pizza dough sitting in the fridge, smelled very over-fermented, used it anyway, and now I can't taste anything. Specifically, everything tastes bitter and sour, as if the bitter and sour notes naturally present in foods are amplified. If something is primarily bitter and/or sour -- like say sourdough bread or limes -- I can't even eat it. Has this happened to anyone before? If so, did everything eventually return to normal? It's been 2 days and still no relief.

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  1. have you brushed your teeth? hehehe

    sorry couldn't help myself - never heard of this problem nor has it happened to me, so can't give you any advice.

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        I'd like to say some of by best discoveries have been a result of such "sacrifices", but I can't recall any discoveries.

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          About 550 degrees for 10 minutes. Trying to avoid that trip to the doctor, they always find all sorts of things.

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            Well, it was two pizzas. One was bechamel, pearl oyster mushrooms, tomato, parsley; the other was crushed tomatoes, mozz, provolone, ground beef, corn, parm. And yes the crust tasted "funny" while I was eating it, but it reminded me of the first time I tasted "fully aged" camembert (allegedly the way the French eat it), and I thought maybe I could acquire this taste, too.

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              That's it! I was thinking, "This smells like something I've used before so what the heck." Making a mental note not to eat sourdough starter next time.

            2. Can't get past the "used it anyway" part.

              1. I'd consult a Dr. If you only ate the dough after a good cooking (I don't know what temps you use), then I'd think that any active bacteria would be killed, except that certain bacterias and mold spores can produce byproduct toxins that survive high heat.

                1. what was ON the pizza? any of those chinese pine nuts?

                  otherwise, i've never heard of such a thing. two days? i wouldn't worry about it.

                  a month? see the doctor.

                  1. Use baking soda and scrub those pearlies vigorously. Oh, next time freeze the dough, what happened was you created a starter for sourdough.

                    1. Something similar to this happened to me after a night of overgorging on food and whiskey and having an hour long puke session. It was as if the taste buds on my tongue had gotten burned or something. Everything just tasted *wrong* for the next 5-6 days or so, but eventually went back to normal.

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                        After a semi-drunken week of camping a friend and I ended up at a dive bar where we each consumed a bottle of tequila (not all at once). I threw up at some later point and couldn't even consider eating for a good 2-3 days (and couldn't go near tequila for another decade).

                      2. I once lost my senses of smell and taste fom using a white marker to make Superbowl invitations. My senses returned to me after about 4 days.