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Aug 19, 2013 05:08 PM

miracle mile area

We are visiting for two nights. We are looking for a restaurant in the area, preferably Italian that is buzzing with great food, lively crowd and not over the top expensive. Any suggestions?

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  1. Since the Miracle Mile is in California, I will assume you mean the Magnificent Mile. Piccolo Sogno Due, Quartinos or Tre Soldi would be worth looking into.

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      Quartino is a great suggestion. Cafe Spiaggia if you are looking for something a bit fancier.

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        I love Cafe Spiaggia and, while it is a bit fancier than Quartino, the food is superb and it's not over-the-top cost-wise. Nnt sure I would describe it as "buzzing," however. It's a bit more refined. I would also look into Coco Pazzo Cafe, just a few steps off the Mag Mile.

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          "Buzzing" and "lively crowds" these days would lead me to Siena Tavern or RPM Italian. I don't see them competing for Michelin stars any time soon, but for decent food and a fun vibe I think they'd fit the bill.

          I'll admit to having been turned off of Siena Tavern by Top Cheftestant Fabio putting his face on a place where he doesn't live and hadn't been visible, and now think I was wrong. I stopped in Friday night for a drink and a couple of apps while killing time before a Birthday meet-up elsewhere, and was very impressed. The coccoli was a decadent blend of fluffy fried dough, prosciutto, creamy cheese, and truffle honey, and the grilled octopus was plump and tender. Almost everything on the menu was tempting, and we would look forward to a return to try more items when we have the energy to enjoy the noise and crowd.

          Similarly, RPM gets attention for its celeb ownership (Bill and Giuliana Rancic), in partnership with Lettuce Entertain You, a local restaurant group that people either tend to love for its broad range and relatively good value, or criticize for its alleged formulaic, Disney-fied approach to dining. I haven't been, but several friends have enjoyed it, both for group nights out and special celebrations.

          Siena Tavern
          51 W Kinzie

          RPM Italian
          52 W Illinois

    2. Bar Toma - good food, great service, reasonable prices.

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        Ooh, I forgot Bar Toma--Another good option!