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Aug 19, 2013 04:56 PM

Sardinia Enoteca-Nashville

Who has been? I am looking to possibly go there for a nice date night with the BF on a Saturday night. I needs thoughts on...
-Causal or Upscale?
-Food, I am not a fan of the all american Italian but true Mediterranean Italian from Italy Italian, how does Sardinia rank?

Would you recommend another place? Some where a little upscale, that has more unique not run of the mill dishes.

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  1. If you asked me your last three questions above without mentioning Sardinia, I'd have recommended that exact restaurant!
    Haven't been yet, but looking forward to trying it. Most of the questions you have asked are addressed on their website, which is a beautiful, exemplary site.
    Definitely not inexpensive. Definitely upscale. Of course, this being Nashville, no one has ever been thrown out of a restaurant for wearing dungarees! (rolling my eyes).
    You'll have to update us on your dinner if you go!

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      Made the reservation! I'll let you know how it goes!

    2. So here is the result of my meal at Sardinia.

      The restaurant is beautiful but it was only half full on a Saturday night. We started our meal with some Burrata which was very clean and fresh and really good. The bread basket served along with out meal was great, especially we enjoyed with the Parmesan dip it comes with.

      My boyfriend and I each got one of the tasting meals, Terra and Mare. It was great being able to try so many different dishes The food was up and down. Our favorites were the Tear Drop pasta with the Lamb Ragu and the bacon wrapped scallop. The weakest dish was the rabbit, it was more like bubbe's chicken soup.

      Overall the experience was very nice, I don't know if I would go back but I really enjoyed the evening. Even if the food was decent.

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      1. re: Rachael5000

        How was the service? IIRC, you are well qualified to evaluate it! Thanks for the pics, too. I feel like such a geek when I'm taking pics of my food! Also, it's sooo funny to me when I see other people taking food pics... I have actually introduced myself on a couple occasions. (Like "Hey bud, I'm aTOMicTom on Chowhound and Urbanspoon, who're you?!").
        Back to the food, I've been wanting to try Burrata; I love fresh mozzarella and burrata is like that IIRC... looks good!
        So it was only half full on a Saturday night. I think if they got their pricing down to Nashville levels it might pick up a bit! On the other hand they really have little competition in the gourmet Italian category. I'm not in the restaurant biz but I always wonder about the ratio of high prices & low volume vs lower prices & higher volume, or how it's decided.

        Thanks for the review Rachael!

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          The service was great. Our server was suggested to us from one of my BFs co-workers (sorry I can't remember his name) and made us feel right at home. My BF and I both work in restaurants and know the ins and outs of service. Glasses were filled promptly, plates were cleared properly, and the staff was very polite.

          The burrata is made in house and I would really recommend it. It needs the accompianates because it is pure cheese, thus lacking salt or acid. But paired with Prosciutto or caponata it's perfect.

          I think the lack of business comes from the higher prices and the good but not great food. I enjoyed our meal but it wasn't visit it again because the food couldn't be topped kinda food.

          I say try it and see what you think, my martini was made well and the wine was also great.