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Aug 19, 2013 04:42 PM

Brampton - Saturday Lunch with a Picky Senior

I've checked out the Brampton threads and nothing really jumps out. I thought Pie Guys might be an option but I'm not sure if this is a food court or dine in spot?

Does such a place exist? Here's the criteria:

- not Mandarin or Swiss bc and I just can't take any more!
- not Indian or Japanese or Caribbean...hence the "picky senior" part
- not Pickle Barrel...their fries are too thin...ditto on the picky senior part
- must be a place with decent seating, ideally with table service
- licensed

The Keg would have been a good option but I see it's not open for lunch on Saturday.

Senior is most likely to order chicken of some sort with fries.

Does anyone have a suggestion? It has to be in Bramalea or Brampton as we have an even to attend at 1:30pm

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  1. That's a tough one when rule out Japanese, Carribean, and Indian. Is greek out as well? If not, try Mosaic grill. I believe they're open for Saturday lunch and they're decent. Definitely a step above Swiss chalet and Kelsey's.

    What about BBQ? There's RD Southern BBQ.

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    1. re: Nevy

      Oh my that BBQ looks great Nevy. mr bc and I would definitely love it. I'm not sure how picky senior might be with smoked chicken though....I can almost hear the "oooh, it's not as nice as Swiss Chalet though is it?!!"

      That said mr bc and I will definitely go there. Thank-you!

    2. Pie Guyz is Indian, even their "non indian" sounding pies have Indian spices and sometimes unexpected heat in them. My picky old fashioned Canadian parents bought them unknowing that at the farmers market and absolutely hated them. I've been several times though and from what I remember it's just a take-out counter, maybe one or two small tables off to the side of the counter. Definitely no table service, never even seen plates or cutlery

      You could try Martins BBQ or the place downtown Brampton beside the GO parking lot (Forgotten the name of it)

      Both of them specialize in grilled/rotisserie barbeque chicken. Martins definitely has table service, and the place downtown Brampton has the better baked goods for sure (try the custard tarts in the huge display case, they are really good)

      Unfortunately the best chicken of all in Brampton doesn't have adequate seating for you, nor table service, and is not licensed, so I won't even bother recommending it..

      I don't like Mosaic very much and they unfairly blasted themselves to the top of the Urbanspoon Brampton charts by having people post positive reviews on their behalf (the guy there solicited me in PM before trying to get me to write the place up).. Much like Sul Irmaos downtown Brampton, they got all their friends to write up 5 star reviews for the place and it propelled them to the top of Yelp charts and the place sucks.

      And if your senior is picky and not used to stuff like shawarma or mediterranean foods they definitely will not enjoy Mosaic.. I wouldn't recommend it but that's just me

      Hate to say it but you might want to consider Kelsey's, or even Lone Star for chicken fajitas and fries. The tortillas are made in front of you in a big automated machine, poofed up and cooked to order in a big glass display, kind of neat for someone who's never seen it

      Edit: Here is the bakery/rotisserie chicken place downtown Brampton for you, Lisboa Bakery & Grillhouse

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      1. re: duckdown

        Mosiac still makes a kick-ass falafel. That's all I ever get there, and it's worth it (~$5)

        Lisboa is now called Christina's. I haven't been since the name changed.

        1. re: 13inches

          Never tried the falafel there but I do really like a good one. I will keep it in mind if I ever pass by there again, thanks for the tip

        2. re: duckdown

          Not to derail this thread but have you tried the Lisboa baked goods? I went in there once only to be ignored as the FIFA world cup was taking all the attention. After 3 minutes of standing at the counter, I promptly turned around and left. Maybe if their chicken and baked goods are decent, I'll give them a second chance.

          1. re: Nevy

            I've tried 'em, it's the only place I know of in Brampton where you can get custard tarts straight out of the oven, still warm, and the pastry is super crispy and flakey. Most other churrasqueiras buy their tarts and refrigerate them because they are still better than one can make homemade.. They are really really good. Make sure IF you decide to go back there you specifically ask for the freshly baked ones, they are stacked really high in the glass display case but the freshest ones are sitting on cooling racks

            Other baked goods are so-so, they've got nice airy bread and rolls.

            Haha, not surprised to hear that soccer story, the Portuguese think Cristiano Ronaldo is more important than God himself.. Doesn't surprise me that they couldn't pull themselves away from staring at the screen at all..

            Personally I wouldn't go out of my way to give them a second chance, their chicken isn't as good as Nova Esperanca, neither are their roasted potatoes or rice. Their prices are higher and the birds are smaller. Their saving grace really is only their custard tarts

            1. re: duckdown

              Thanks for the note. I'll pass then. I don't go there often and if I'm in the area, I'm eating at the Sushi House.

              I've learned the hard way that Fifa World Cup = derailed service at Mom and Pop shops UNLESS I'm there as well to enjoy the festivities and watch along with them.

              1. re: duckdown

                They used to run a bakery on Mavis just south of the 407--nice stuff, great cod fritters, small hot table. I've not been impressed by their op on Main--bigger but not better than the old joint. Chicken was "meh."

            2. re: duckdown

              Thank-you so much for your thoughtful, helpful response duckdown. You are completely right about Pie Guyz and Mosaic, they'd be too unusual for picky senior.

              Martin's menu definitely looks promising and the fries look to be perfect for picky senior!! I sincerely appreciate the additional info about Lisboa too, I'm just not sure whether picky senior will be put off by the "mild chili sauce" description of the chicken options.

              Your suggestion about Kelsey's is also a good one. I'll take a look at their menu. It made me also think about Googling Pubs to see if there's anything worth looking at.

              Unfortunately we've already taken picky senior to Lone Star (albeit not the Brampton one) and that didn't end well. Let's just say it resulted in the Manager sending us a credit and a letter apologizing for the "unfortunate incident" that our "guest" had brought to their attention after we left. To this day we don't know what he was referring to but we can only assume that picky senior called him when after our visit!!

              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                If you're willing to try Kelsey's, you may also want to look at the menu's for Casey's, Jack Astors, or Montana's. Each of those menu's are generic enough for the masses. (Not a shot at either, and I enjoy each of the restaurants myself.)

            3. I've had some decent meals at Turtle Jack's.

              Something for everyone there.

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              1. re: magic

                Yeah this is a good suggestion, I like the Big Wing Sandwich at TJ's

                1. re: duckdown

                  Me too. Like their meatloaf too.

                2. re: magic

                  I haven't eaten at TJ's or in Brampton since 1999, but I used to enjoy the wings at TJ's.

                  1. re: magic

                    Thanks magic, I'll check out the menu.

                  2. The fries are too thin? Oh my.. yes, that's someone who's picky! Usually Pickle barrel is a "safe" option for picky eaters...I can see why you had to go to Swiss Chalet so often!

                    1. If it's not too far south, there's always Peter's on Eglinton.

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                      1. re: Kagemusha

                        Oh yeah, that would pretty much be the ultimate picky senior restaurant. The couple of times I went, I think I was the youngest one there by several decades.