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Aug 19, 2013 03:44 PM

This BBQ pork bun almost made me cry!!!

Expectation was high when I noticed this bun on sale! Unfortunately, this pathetic creation from 'Richmond Court', with may be the world's stingiest filling, almost made me cry when I cut it open in half!!

Made famous by a number of Michelin rated restaurants in Hong Kong, the original ' Pineapple BBQ Pork ( aka char siu ) Bun was supposed to be light and fluffy with filling oozing with BBQ pork smothered with sweet honey infused oyster sauce. So good, foodies were actually calling it 'Number1 bun under the sky'!!!

I was totally lost for words with thisToronto clone!! The bun itself actually tasted fairly decent, but for $1.20 a mini-size bun, I was hoping for at least a bit of stuffing!!

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  1. The 2nd pic looks pretty pathetic, but the 3rd and 4th pics look ok...same bun??

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    1. re: T Long

      Photo 2 was the sad looking anemic Richmond Court version.
      The 3rd was from Hong Kong's Fu Sing whilst the 4th was Hong Kong's Tim Ho Won.

      1. re: Charles Yu

        I have a dim sum buddy who swears by his cha sui bun test (usually the steamed kind)...that you can tell the skill of the dim sum kitchen by the quality of this bun. The theory is that the bun stretches the skill of any kitchen. But since so many restaurants seem to be outsourcing, this test might not be so valid these days;) Something like the har gow test you often reference.

        1. re: Charles Yu


          I was at Lucullus yesterday, should have grabbed one to try for comparison. They where almost sold out.


          1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

            I'm sure the worst of the worst has filling more generous than that!!!
            I think I am going to drop by the store and show them the photo!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Yeah, the bun in your photo looks like a jam sandwich.

              1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                Hehehe that made me LOL, apt description though!

      2. Here's the one from Prince of Seafood at Alton Towers

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        1. re: chefhound

          That's more like it!!
          Taste good??!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Yes, very good. They're not on the dim sum menu. You have to ask for it.

        2. Just had some at Landmark Seafood Cuisine at McNicoll and Victoria Park. They were pretty delicious and they looked more like the ones in photo 3.

          They are not on the menu and tend to run out early.

          Looking at your pics now makes me want to go for one!

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          1. re: ragged25

            You can ask them to bake the buns fresh for you. I once saw a table ordered 5 dishes of those buns.

            1. re: smfan

              I have seen it too. Maybe not 5, but almost every table orders them. Most my family has done is 3. I can absolutely down 3 or 4 of these.

              They are decent size too.

              1. re: ragged25

                Is this a seated restaurant or can one take these buns out easily?

                1. re: magic

                  I think they do takeout but this place is pretty popular for dim sum goers, especially on weekends, so if you don't mind waiting in a crowd with others, it can be done.

                  1. re: ragged25

                    Ok, so there's no separate bakery section, I get it.

                    Thanks for the Landmark rec, ragged25, will definitely be checking it out at some point in the not-too-distant future.

            2. re: ragged25

              Thanks for the recommendation. Had it today. Pretty good. The dim sum I thought was mediocre but the bbq bun was fantastic

              1. re: ragged25

                Had a chance to pick up some of the pineapple bbq pork buns from Landmark that several posters have noted here. As mentioned, they are not on the menu and are subject to availability. Here is a pic of what $3.39 got me:
                And they were delicious!

              2. A oork bun is a delicate thing. Like a montreal bagel. If you can consume one freshly made or still warm from baking you will be able to capture some of that magical chemistry. The Lucullus bakery at 348 hwy 7 e, in Richmond Hill will hit the spot.

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                1. re: heybaldy

                  The one from Lucullus doesn't have the 'pineapple' top. Lucullus is my go to place for BBQ buns, but the ones with the sweet 'pineapple' top is a totally different experience. But yes, it is much better when it's fresh and hot.

                  1. re: ragged25

                    I just noticed a new Lucullus bakery open on Elm St between Bay and Yonge, next to the Queen and Beaver! Right close to work - any recommendations? (pork buns obv.)

                        1. re: burningrome

                          I like the egg tarts. They are also best when fresh and warm. I have never been to that location though.

                      1. re: heybaldy

                        For all Lucullus fans, be sure to also try their corned beef bun. Heaven.

                        1. re: magic

                          Recently had a really good bbq pork bun from Hong Kong Island Bakery on Spadina. Thumbs up! Very nice.

                          (Did not care for their shredded pork bun, just their bbq pork bun)

                      2. They sound delicious, anywhere to get them in Mississauga?