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Aug 19, 2013 02:37 PM

Preserving Blueberries

I have come into a wealth of blueberries, and it's exciting, but I'm trying to come up with a tasty way to preserve them other than blueberry jam.

Any ideas or recipes?

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  1. They do freeze very well. No need to do it on a sheet pan. IME they IQF all by themselves in a container or freezer bag. Other ideas include air-drying them, and juicing them.
    If you do the latter, 2 cups sweetened juice and a packet of plain Knox gelatin = homemade jello. Blueberries cooked with sugar and cornstarch (to thicken them) are my favorite crepe filling.

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      I measure 1 cup and toss them in little sandwich bags to freeze. Then, I just pull out 1 (or 2) and am ready to go for almost any recipe.

    2. What about blueberry butter? Uses less sugar and requires more blueberries.

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        Which reminds me that blueberry fruit leather would be good.

      2. Not a preservation method, but here's a superb little cake recipe for your enjoyment that uses 2 cups of blueberries. I made this recipe Saturday in ramekins rather than muffin tins, we had two for dessert Saturday night and two last night. These little cakes are really good, with a bright citrus bite from the lime zest. The batter is like a clafoutis though slightly denser. All in all these cakes were simple and quick to put together and really tasty; the recipe has been placed in my book of tried and true recipes and it will be made again:

        1. Pickled blueberries are quite good.

          1. I second the pickled blueberries suggestion. I also preserve them in thyme syrup and use them in cocktails all year round. Freezing works well, as does making blueberry syrup (great on pancakes or in champagne.) You could also make and preserve pie filling (or make and freeze whole pies!

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              Ohh I like that thyme syrup idea, do you just make a thyme simple syrup and put blueberries in it?