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Aug 19, 2013 02:35 PM

Delray Beach New/Coming Soon

I know this topic is covered in another, older, thread, though there seems to be a lot going on so thought a new thread would be useful.

Some new things I've noticed as coming soon to Delray are:

1- Two Fat Cookies - This is going into the same shopping center on 2nd Ave as Pappas Tapas and the take out Chinese restaurant. Apparently they also have a boca location though have never tried it.

2- Yama Expansion - While eating at Yama last night I noticed they are expanding their operation into the retail space immediately next door. Now normally I wouldn't consider expansion to be something new. However they are going to start offering Korean BBQ and Thai.

3 - El Camino - This is a Mexican tequila bar concept going in right next to The Office. They've been working for a while though seems like they're still a ways away.

In addition to these known openings there are some interesting restaurant spaces available in Delray Beach.

1 - The Paddy McGees space. This has been a cursed space forever. Paddy's made it there longer than I expected. Though most seem to last just a year or two. It's in a prime location right in the heart of atlantic ave. I had heard something from one of the bartenders at Bru's room that it's going to be a pizza place. Seems weird but maybe a mellow mushroom meets brus room could work.

2 - The Gol Brazilian Space. This is a unique and actually historic space on Atlantic Ave. This was formerly the Arcade and Tap Room which was a Delray institution for decades. Haven't heard anything about possibilities, though maybe a speakeasy style concept that plays on the history could work.

3 - Old Calypsso Space. This a nice intercoastal restaurant space located across from Deck 84. I had heard someone mention Houstons as a possible tenant. Though this was just someone speculating, nothing actually solid. However this could make sense given the success of the Houstons waterfront location in Ft Lauderdale.

4 - The Old Soma Location. This is a space located in front of hurricanes lounge between 6th and 7th aves on atlantic. I had read a while back that this was going to become a Voodoo BBQ, which is a small new orleans based chain. That was a while ago at this point so don't know if that's happening anymore.

5 - Mercer Wenzel. This was the old two story department store on Atlantic. I'd assume this will become either office or retail, but who knows. Haven't heard anything about plans for this place other than seeing a rendering in the window.

Some other random openings/stories... I also heard Sloans Ice Cream is setting up a spot on Atlantic ave (not sure exact spot). They have a couple of locations at City Place in WPB and Mizner Park. A brewery is opening up just west of 95 in a barn like building that used to be the rustic rooster. Also heard about a Chick Fil A opening up on Linton and federal where the suntrust bank is.

If anyone knows of any other openings in Delray please share. Also wouldn't mind hearing other facts, rumors, or just plain wild speculation about any of the available spaces.

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  1. * Paddy McGee's space will soon become the new, second outpost of Las Olas-based "Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza". I'd heard rumors Luigi's was looking to move into Delray last year. Maybe they can finally be the one to make this "jinxed" space work.

    (Although an experienced restaurateur recently told me "jinxed" spots often just mean inexperienced new owners moving into bad lease deals that soon catch up with them. NO IDEA if that applies here.).

    * 75 Main closed, rumored to become Greek restaurant, possibly new outpost of recently shuttered WPB City Place Taverna Opa.

    * El Camino should do well, it's from the Park Tavern folks and they seem to know what they're doing. It will be a Tequila bar / Mexican - Latin themed restaurant. It's a small space and I am hoping for good things. I said about 3 years ago Rocco's Tacos should open on the Ave...this may be the closest thing.

    * Zona Fresca fast food Mexican coming to Federal Hwy just above Linton (next to the coming Fresh Market).

    * The coming huge brewery/brewpub on 95 and Atlantic is Saltwater Brewery. Should be opening soon. They're spending a fortune on the build out - so hopefully the product will be good enough to support the facility. If they're smart they'll take some of the best ideas from what the Funky Buddha has done in Oakland Park.

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    1. re: CFByrne

      That would make like 6 or 7 pizza places in the area? Anthonys, Mellow Mushroom, Vic & Angelos, Scuola Vecchia , Pizza Rustica, Rotelli, and Luigi's.

      Whoops....scratch Rotelli's

    2. It would be great to have something on 95 and Atlantic. It's a real wasteland west of downtown Atlantic.

      1. so Rotelli's on the corner of E Atlantic has gone bye bye. Something opening soon with the name Mussels in it but I drove by without getting a good look.

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        1. re: smartie

          Smartie... the details are...

          Coming Soon: "Mussel Beach Restaurant".

          Not certain but at least one of the owners may be a Rotelli director, so this might be a new concept they're trying.

          I have heard of restaurants that center on serving Mussels 20 different ways or whatever... maybe that's what we have here.

          1. re: CFByrne

            ugh, shame cos we loved sitting at that corner watching cars turn right onto the one way street the wrong way. Rotelli food was nothing special but I don't eat mussels.

        2. Taverna Opa going to open on Atlantic