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Ultimate Flour Tortilla - Austin and San Antonio

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I've made it my new goal in life to find the best flour tortillas in the Austin/San Antonio area. I've lived in San Antonio for the last 2 years and just moved back to Austin several months ago.

My favorites so far:

- San Antonio
Con Martinez on Culebra near the Fiesta HEB
El Mazatlan on Blanco near Chris Madrid's, across from Blanco Cafe

- Austin:
La Cocina Michoacana (thanks to ChrissyH)
Casa Garcia's at Wm Cannon and Manchaca

A few places that didn't quite do it for me (as far as thier tortillas go, at least):

- San Antonio
La Fogota
Alamo Cafe (a cruel joke..?)

- Austin
Enchiladas Y Mas

Any suggestions are welcome. Nothing like freshly made and slightly overdone torts right off the comal and smelling like pancakes...mmmm...

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  1. Is El Mazatlan a tortilleria, a panaderia (sp?), or a restaurant? If it's a restaurant, what do you like to eat there beside the torts? I enjoy BC so much, I've never noticed what's across the street.

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      El Mazatlan is a restaurant. (Just to be clear, it's across from the Blanco Cafe that's further south on Blanco Road, not the one near 410.)

      The food is pretty good, if not great, in general. But the allure is the interior/costal Mexican side of the menu, which means a lot of seafood dishes (!). Very inexpensive, too. It's a very casual mom and pop locals hangout type of place, so if you want to try different interior Mexican dishes but don't want the upscale prices, this is the place to experiment. I don't believe any dish there was over $10.

    2. I like the flour tortillas at La Reyna on S. 1st in Austin, but I don't know how they compare to the others you mentioned. The huevos rancheros are very good, with a flour tortilla on the side.

      1. I know this sounds strange, but whenever I crave a fluffy just-cooked tortilla, Chuey's at 281 and 1604 has pretty darned good ones. They're just a tad undercooked (just how I like them), but I don't really know about the rest of their menu.

        1. i love the tortillas at Los Barrios in San Antonio--they are the best.

          i am an austinite and still haven't found a place with great tortillas; i'll have to try the recommendations...

          1. Hi Austin Hounds-

            Any updates on this? I live in NC, but will be visiting family in Austin in a couple of weeks. While I'll definitely be visiting some old haunts from my college days in Austin (Ironworks, most notably... and I'll continue to mourn the loss of Mad Dog & Beans), I would love to know who in town has great flour tortillas. I know lots of people are gaga over the tortillas at Central Market, but they're not for me. Too crepe-y, not enough "cocina casera" feel to them. Anyone have suggestions for truly handmade flour tortillas in Austin?

            1. I dig the tortillas (both flour and corn are homemade) at Tito's. I'll buy a dozen to bring home and yet they don't always make it all the way home!

              1. La Mexicana for flour, El Borrego de Oro for corn.

                1. I've yet to find really good flour tortillas in Austin...and I eat out mexican at least 5 times a week. Homemade tortillas are few and far between north of San Marcos.

                  1. In S.A., I've always enjoyed the flour tortillas at the Original Donut shop on Fredericksburg near Babcock.
                    They still have the old women pounding them out every morning by hand.
                    The lines are usually pretty long in the morning, but well worth the wait.

                    1. Thanks for all the recommendations!

                      1. Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant on East 7th, hands-down, for best in-house restaurant made flour torillas. Second, El Rincon in Pflugerville; third Texican Cafe, down on Manchaca. Other restaurants with exellent flour tortillas: Angie's on E.7th, Julio's on Duval, Guadalajara in Cedar Park, and Henry's in Lockhart.

                        In Austin there is a decades-long tradition of restaurants buying from El Galindo Tortilla Factory. It's from this company where the thin corn tortilla chips (tostadas) were developed that Austinites (and San Antonians) prefer. Products are made daily and sold fresh to retailers.

                        Other Austin factories that make flour tortillas daily are: Fiesta, Margarita (sold in Whole Foods), Dos Hermanos, La Canasta, El Milagro, and Jalisco's in Bastrop.

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                          Las Palmas closed a few months ago unfortunately. It was easily one of the best and most original (maybe that was the problem) Mexican restaurants in town.

                        2. Helen's Casa Alda in Buda has the best homemade tortillas in the austin area. The food is a best suspect beyond breakfast tacos. You can buy tortillas to go for cheap though!

                          1. I've since found another place in Austin that has become my favorite for flour tortillas: Los Pinos (4919 Hudson Bend Road in Lakeway), which has been mentioned on CH a few times.

                            Agree on Guadalajara in Cedar Park. Good stuff.

                            Scratch Casa Garcias, as they seem to have compromised their quality since becoming so popular.

                            I'll keep looking. Thanks to everyone who kept this thread alive.

                            1. Mike F,
                              Thanks for the recommendation. We just got home from Los Pinos, and those tortillas were awesome! The corn ones were great, too. I was impressed in general.

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                                Are the flour tortillas made in-house at Los Pinos? That restaurant is owned by the same family that runs Polvo's, where the tortillas are of the awful store-bought variety. What impresses you about the tortillas at Los Pinos? Can you describe them?

                                I haven't liked any of the dozens of flour tortillas that I’ve tried in Austin, except for the ones made by the folks at Al Pastor. The rest (including those sold by panaderías) are horrible in comparison to what's available in San Antonio. The best you can hope for in Austin is usually decent texture; almost no one uses lard in the masa.

                                As for San Antonio, my favorite homestyle tortillas packaged for sale by the dozen are at Bandera Molino and Bedoy's Bakery (the one on Hildebrand). My favorite flour tortillas served in restaurants can be found at Mendez Cafe and Cristan's (the one on Hildebrand). I agree that the flour tortillas at the Original Donut House aren't bad at all. In fact, in a different market—like Austin—they’d seem amazing.

                                Here's a link to a possibly relevant older thread on San Antonio:


                                For some reason, this thread digresses to cover Chinese restaurants, but there are still plenty of suggestions about tortillas and taquerías in S.A.

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                                  Yes, the tortillas at Mendez are excellent. I just had lunch at Angelica's on the SS and picked up a dozen of their excellent tortillas for $1. Time for some queso flameado for dinner and use the rest for breakfast tacos in the morning.

                                  1. re: saeyedoc

                                    Just a buck?!? How I envy you.

                                    I'll have to pick up my own dozen (or two) when I'm in town tomorrow.

                                    1. re: MPH

                                      Yes, considering the terrible ones at HEB are about $2.50 a doz, I couldn't pass it up.

                                    2. re: saeyedoc

                                      I live in Missouri and I need to find a place that will ship tortillas. I noticed the great price at Angelica's. Does anyone know a place that will ship 3-6 dozen? thanks............. I can't find any around here!!!

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                                        It seems like you guys go to the restaurants just for the tortillas! LOL. I am only joking, i understand that having that perfect tortilla and chip can really change up the dish.

                                        If you guys are interested in purchasing the tortillas that the restaurants serve, i would hit up Fiesta Tortillas in Austin TX. These guys supply to the majority of Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants in Central Texas! They even have flavored tortilla/wraps. I used to work for Freebirds, and when Free birds had just opened up Fiesta Tortillas was supplying them with the wraps. Now Freebirds decided to change their wraps and use another brand that can not compare to Fiesta's.

                                        Casa Garcia has some great tortillas and chips! i asked the manager who supplied them and guess who? yup, Fiesta Tortillas.

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                                        Both the flour and corn tortillas are made in-house. The corn tortillas were a little thicker than I'd like, but the flour were soft and light. They were pricy, though - two for a dollar.

                                        I had no idea they were owned by the same family. Interesting. Here's an Austin Chronicle review that raves as well: http://austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/I...

                                    3. I gotta go with mr. zero. for some reason, fredricksburg is haunted by abuelitas
                                      with tortilla skills. i remember even the old tink a taco had killer guisada and fresh made
                                      flour tortillas. for the best s.a. style, i go to my mom's.