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May 15, 2004 04:23 PM

Ultimate Flour Tortilla - Austin and San Antonio

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I've made it my new goal in life to find the best flour tortillas in the Austin/San Antonio area. I've lived in San Antonio for the last 2 years and just moved back to Austin several months ago.

My favorites so far:

- San Antonio
Con Martinez on Culebra near the Fiesta HEB
El Mazatlan on Blanco near Chris Madrid's, across from Blanco Cafe

- Austin:
La Cocina Michoacana (thanks to ChrissyH)
Casa Garcia's at Wm Cannon and Manchaca

A few places that didn't quite do it for me (as far as thier tortillas go, at least):

- San Antonio
La Fogota
Alamo Cafe (a cruel joke..?)

- Austin
Enchiladas Y Mas

Any suggestions are welcome. Nothing like freshly made and slightly overdone torts right off the comal and smelling like pancakes...mmmm...

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  1. Is El Mazatlan a tortilleria, a panaderia (sp?), or a restaurant? If it's a restaurant, what do you like to eat there beside the torts? I enjoy BC so much, I've never noticed what's across the street.

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      El Mazatlan is a restaurant. (Just to be clear, it's across from the Blanco Cafe that's further south on Blanco Road, not the one near 410.)

      The food is pretty good, if not great, in general. But the allure is the interior/costal Mexican side of the menu, which means a lot of seafood dishes (!). Very inexpensive, too. It's a very casual mom and pop locals hangout type of place, so if you want to try different interior Mexican dishes but don't want the upscale prices, this is the place to experiment. I don't believe any dish there was over $10.

    2. I like the flour tortillas at La Reyna on S. 1st in Austin, but I don't know how they compare to the others you mentioned. The huevos rancheros are very good, with a flour tortilla on the side.

      1. I know this sounds strange, but whenever I crave a fluffy just-cooked tortilla, Chuey's at 281 and 1604 has pretty darned good ones. They're just a tad undercooked (just how I like them), but I don't really know about the rest of their menu.

        1. i love the tortillas at Los Barrios in San Antonio--they are the best.

          i am an austinite and still haven't found a place with great tortillas; i'll have to try the recommendations...

          1. Hi Austin Hounds-

            Any updates on this? I live in NC, but will be visiting family in Austin in a couple of weeks. While I'll definitely be visiting some old haunts from my college days in Austin (Ironworks, most notably... and I'll continue to mourn the loss of Mad Dog & Beans), I would love to know who in town has great flour tortillas. I know lots of people are gaga over the tortillas at Central Market, but they're not for me. Too crepe-y, not enough "cocina casera" feel to them. Anyone have suggestions for truly handmade flour tortillas in Austin?