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Aug 19, 2013 02:26 PM

After 10PM around Century City...

Going to the AMC Century City gets out around 10pm.

Last time this happened, all the mall restaurants were closed or in the process of closing (10pm)...Craft and Hinoki may still be open, but will be deserted by 11pm...btw, we ended up driving to South Beverly Grill - meh.

We don't want to drive all the way to fairfax district...any suggestions? I'd like a place that's not putting the chairs on the tables at 11pm - it's a little depressing and is one of the few times I miss my native NYC.


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  1. The casual 800 Degrees (very good custom made pizza) in Westwood Village serves until 2am nightly.

    Lenny's deli on Westwood Blvd & Pico serves till 11pm.

    Freddy Small's on Pico is open till 1am.

    Zankou Chicken on Sepulveda serves till 11pm

    The Apple Pan serves Hickory Burgers and Pie till Midnight.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      +1 on 800 Degrees.

      Another option is Bossa Nova (Pico near Sepulveda). Not gourmet, but completely serviceable. You could also try the Juquila Truck. I've never been myself, but I like the sit-down restaurant quite a bit (at least as much as Monte Alban).

      1. re: ilysla

        Sounds like the OP is looking for a bit higher end (Craft, Hinoki). Dan Tanas takes reservations until 12:30 tonight and is only about a 10 minute shot down Santa Monica at 10. It is a ton of fun and the food is very good.

    2. I doubt Hinoki will be deserted.

      800 is a good call, as is Feddy Smalls (though I have been less impressed eating there than many others around here).

      Sotto or Picca may be thinning out but I do not think either will be "depressing."

      I would dash over to Connie and Ted's - it's not that far and it will be one of the few times you won't have to wait for a table.

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      1. re: Ciao Bob

        Unfortunately, Sotto is closed Monday. Otherwise, a great choice.

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          Connie and Ted's serves till 11pm. Call to make sure you can get in first. This is a hard reservation to get at the moment.

          1. re: wienermobile

            If you dont get out until 10, no way you get to the car and make it to C&T before close to 10:30. Thats going to be a pretty rushed meal.

            1. re: Thor123

              Disagree emphatically. That's very do-able. A little over 3 miles away.

            2. re: wienermobile

              Our movie should get out around 930, so C&T is possibility...problem is with dining partner (no shellfish, only chicken)...I think C&T is mostly shellfish, no?

              Maybe Dan Tana's - haven't been there in years - anyone try Craigs?

              1. re: manku

                Mostly shellfish, but they do have fin fish, steaks and a really good cheeseburger. No chicken though.

                Freddy Smalls is wonderful, open late.

                Steingarten on Pico just west of century city has some decent chicken and other flavored sausages, plus a turkey burger, among other interesting things on the menu. We were there a while back, but burgers were quite good. Open til 11.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    With all due respect and I mean it sincerely and no one wanted Craig to do better. It sucks. Only the bar is good.

                    1. re: Thor123

                      Given the OP's criteria, Craig's may be his best option, and I would certainly take it over Dan Tana's.

                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        While you are generally sage like, this time you are simply wrong. The food at Craig's is just not good. Craig knows there are problems in the kitchen. The scene, bar, service and Craig are all very good.

                        1. re: Thor123

                          Have you tried the fried chicken and the chocolate bread pudding? They are the only things I've eaten from Craig's and I thought both were quite good (certainly chow worthy beyond any doubt).

                          1. re: Thor123

                            My suggestion was simply based on the OP's criteria (location and late hours). And given the alternative (Dan Tana's), I would choose Craig's.

                        2. re: Thor123

                          <no one wanted Craig to do better>

                          Sadly, so true.

                1. Perfect for you:

                  Right down Olympic Blvd (corner of Sawtelle), Morinoya is serving great izakaya fare until 1AM most weeknights. Call them ahead of time to make sure: (310) 473-3960

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                  1. re: J.L.

                    jl what do you get there?...we went for lunch and had mediocre bento boxes...some sushi noodles tempura ... nothing really hitting any high notes....i know this place is popular, so what am i missing.

                  2. Do you live east or west of CC?

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                    1. re: maudies5

                      Movie ended early (Blue Jasmine...not a bad movie, great individual performance, NOT a comedy)...we were lazy and ate at the counter - how does this place not only stay in business, but thrive?

                        1. re: manku

                          That particular 'The Counter' is in a mall & readily available for movie goers like you.
                          It's always busy and so is Gulfstream next door.
                          Loved Blue Jasmine.

                      1. Too late now, but you might give Connie & Ted's a call - their last seating is at 10:30. Great way to top off a movie!