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Gazpacho in New York

With summer coming to an end I wanted to make one last effort to find the best gazpacho on Manhattan. All suggestions welcome...

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  1. Summer isn't coming to an end. It isn't even August 21, let alone September 21. I realize kids are going back to school, but honestly, you've got five more weeks to make this effort.

    (Can't help you out because I make gazpacho in my own kitchen. and have little interest in eating it when I'm not in Spain.)

    1. I've had gazpacho, in one form or another (amuse bouche, appetizer, etc.), at lots of places in Manhattan, e.g. Ai Fiori, Modern DR, Marea, Gordon Ramsay, etc., but I think the most memorable might've been at Salinas.

      1. I have a good enough version from le pan quotidian, but soups change daily so call first.
        A surprising version from organic avenue had great flavor.
        Mostly i just make it myself...

        1. Zabar's has a great gazpacho also a delicious cucumber soup

          1. If you're willing to travel to Brooklyn (apologies, I know you said Manhattan), the gazpacho at Applewood is really great. Cucumber-heavy, just a little spicy.

            1. Ok, you got me on a technicality. I guess I live by school summer (the Memorial Day to Labor Day) schedule and not the official autumnal equinox.

              Thank you for the suggestions. Has anyone tried Tia Pol's? I've heard theirs is good. Not too far from Salinas. Perhaps we'll do a Chelsea gazpacho taste test.

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                I don't see it on the menu at Tia Pol's web site. It is a special?

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                  I had tia pol's last summer-it tasted like barcelona!
                  nice creamy blended version with lots of olive oil and garlic.

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                    Quinto pino on w24th has salmorejo on the menu now if you want to include that in your chelsea gazpacho-hop

                  2. Not at all traditional, but the edamame gazpacho at WD-50 is amazing (and available at the bar when we were there last). It totally changed my mind on cold soup.

                    1. I love Fairway's and it is quite a bargain at $5.99 for a large container.

                      1. I had a very nice gazpacho as part of the prix fixe lunch at Nougatine yesterday. (I had a wonderful gazpacho at Bistro d'Henri in Paris last Tuesday, but that's a little far from Manhattan.)

                        1. So in doing some research, it sounds like the places to try are Tia Pol, Salinas, Despana, Cafe Orlin, Aldea, Musket Room and City Market. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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                            I always liked the gazpacho at El Charro on Charles St. in the Village.

                            1. I've had gazpacho recently (July, I believe) at Union Square Cafe. Not sure if it's still on the menu.

                              1. I like the Andalusian gazpacho at Zabars