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Aug 19, 2013 01:09 PM

What's great in Soho these days? Mid-range, just really good food.

I'm meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow night around 7. Soho or the Village would be the best locations. I go out so rarely. She doesn't drink (though I love a great cocktail, but it's not necessary). Anyway, what's really good these days? Cuisine is not a major issue. Sorry to be so broad, I rarely get out! Thanks!

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  1. In my experience, the food at Rouge et Blanc is delicious, though at times the services can be slow. It's great if you're looking for a quiet, unrushed dinner.

    Osteria Morini is solid though not exceptional casual Italian but can be scene-y and noisy. OpenTable has availability at 6:45.

    If you really want a cocktail, as opposed to a glass of wine, with dinner, I think the ones at The Dutch are great. They have no availability near 7 tomorrow, but you could potentially grab seats at the bar.

    1. Parm, Rubirosa (you can walk in and you may have a wait but it shouldn't be too bad at 7), Ballato's, Il Buco AV, Pearl and Ash, Estela (call for a res or walk in)

      I've wanted to try Charlie Bird but I haven't made it there yet.

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        Pearl & Ash doesn't have a full liquor license, just FYI. I also didn't think the food/vibe was strong enough to make it a true destination place. Maybe a place to sit at the bar and have wine and a plate or two.

        I know Fatty Cue is divisive on here sometimes, but their cocktail menu is interesting right now and they have an excellent fried chicken at the moment!

      2. Just had an excellent dinner at Tertulia this past weekend. Not sure if that is "mid-range" enough for you. Wait times are very short these days on weekdays, not like when they first opened. If you like cocktails, you might like their shishito pepper gimlet.

        1. I often recommend the soho location of boqueria, they have a nice selection of small plates plus larger ones and lovely sangria

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          1. When I want to have a conversation with the other person, I always like Lupa, You can hear each other speak, it's lively, and the food is good.