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Aug 19, 2013 01:07 PM

Recommendations for good food in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

We will be staying at the Renasaince Harbour Hotel right near the convention center. Breakfast and lunch we need to stay pretty close so hubby can get to his meetings on time. We have more freedom to have dinner where we choose. I will be alone for many meals,so prefer to stay close to the hotel as I have absolutely no sense of direction. We will happily eat dim sum every day, but would like to sample local specialities and the various cuisines of China. I would also like to do some afternoon tea. We don't mind paying for good food, but would prefer not to spend a fortune for breakfast and lunch. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Dynasty Restaurant in your hotel is one of the most highly-regarded in town:

    Make reservations ahead for lunch, as it's very popular!

    For a better rendition of Cantonese cuisine in that area, my personal fave is Fu Sing which is a short walk away:

      1. Wing Wah - one of about a handful of places remaining that make bamboo pole duck egg noodles the old school way. I would recommend skipping the won tons and get the shui gow noodles (larger sized shrimp pork woodear bamboo shoot dumplings), beef brisket noodles, or the spicy sauce pork strip (ja jeung) lo mein style noodles (or lo mein with shrimp roe). The self help pickled turnip cubes in jar are a highlight. Cramped small place but very delicious. Using google maps, this is about a ten minute walk and pretty much some straight roads and one turn. Recommend trying to take the lunch break earlier (11:30 to 11:40) to avoid waits.

        After lunch (or for another trip) you can walk past Southern Playground and explore the Spring Garden Street and the parallel street called Lee Tung Street area. Expand google map location for Wing Wah, then look southward. Lots of small shops, restaurants, and street markets there for locals to do grocery shopping, and makes for a fun stroll. Can get crowded. Kam Fung café and bakery is also on Spring Garden street. Very cramped seating but a very local experience (Hong Kong style hot milk tea, pineapple bun, chicken pie). Might help if you search English blogs since the menu is all in Chinese there. There are a few other local eateries in that area as well.

        Fook Lam Moon is not far from there too.