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Food festivals?

Does anyone know of an existing compilation of Philly-area food festivals? If not, can we put a list together for what's coming up this fall? I'll start:

The Greek Affair (Greek) - Sept 18-22, Broomall http://www.thegreekaffair.com/
St. Thomas Agora Festival (Greek) - Oct 10-13, Cherry Hill

Please add...

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  1. Over Labor Day weekend, and the following weekend Sept 7 & 8th the National Shrine to Our Lady of Czestochwa will be having their 48th annual Polish American Festival.


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      There is Octoberfest at Brauhaus Schmitz on South Street on September 21st, the Midtown Village Fall Festival in October, and the Fall Harvest Festival at Reading Terminal Market on either October 5th or 12th.

    2. Philly Night Market, Chinatown edition

      Thursday October 3, 2013


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        Some photos from last week's Night Market on South St (that really is himself manning the Alla Spina tent!):

      2. There's the not-to-be-missed Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square on Sept. 7-8. http://www.mushroomfestival.org

        1. West Chester Restaurant Festival is 15 Sept, noon to 5pm.

          1. 33rd Annual Food and Crafts festival in downtown Media on October 6th (Sunday). http://visitmediapa.com/calendar

            1. Not in Philly (about 1.5 hour drive)

              22nd Annual Hinkelfest (Chicken Festival)
              September 13, 14, 15 2013
              Fredericksburg, PA
              Website: www.hinkelfest.com
              Facebook: www.facebook.com/hinkelfest
              Lots of Great Chicken and other foods
              Chicken Cooking contest
              Craft Show
              Live Entertainment
              Free Admission
              Free Parking

              1. Collegeville Development is holding "The Farmer and the Chef" on Thursday, 9/12 at the Copperfield inn in Limerick. Its $45 for unlimited small plates from area restaurants. The link is:www.collegevilledevelopment.org.

                1. If you're including beerfests in your compilation, there's the Kennett Brewfest in October. http://kennettbrewfest.com/

                  1. Stoudt's Brewery/Black Angus Steak House/Antique Market
                    Tpk West to Reading/Lancaster Exit to Adamstown


                    First Four SUNDAYS in OCTOBER gates open at noon, music from 2 to 6, and food available from 1 - 5 pm

                    German bands, good Stoudt's brew and food!

                    1. This is great!

                      Let's keep this thread going...

                      1. Just read about an event called Farmer and the Chef in Limerick, to benefit the Collegeville Farmers Market



                        1. oh, and of course this coming weekend is the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival. www.mushroomfestival.org/‎

                          1. And St Sophia's Grecian Festival in Audobon on Trooper Rd is 9/5-9/8!

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                              Here's a listing that includes some food fesivals:


                              Why they havve Oktoberfest at three different places on September 21st is beyond me. Maybe they could spread out the celebrations next year and do the same with the Italian Market and Rittenhouse Festivals!

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                                Each of those festivals are really commercial events, one sponsored by Brauhaus, one by Frankford Hall and one by the ship. They all want a piece of the $....

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                                  I know...but I can only spend my $ at one place at once for pork! I'm going Brauhaus again.

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                                  September 21st is the opening day of the Oktoberfest in Muchen, GR. when the mayor of the city taps the first keg. Thus the start date for these festivals is in keeping with the Oktoberfest tradition.

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                                    That makes sense. I just know last year that I was able to hit Oktoberfest at Frankford Hall and at Brauhaus Schmitz because they were held on separate days (ie more pork for me) which was nice.

                                    Still though, it would be nice if the folks at Rittenhouse Row and the Italian Market got together to make sure their respective festivals happen on different days next year. Somehow I did both this year but it was a lot of walking!

                              2. Chester County Restaurant Festival in West Chester on Sunday 9/15 - http://www.downtownwestchester.com/vi....

                                Accidentally ran into it last year and had a good time... very large event closing down a few streets in town.