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Aug 19, 2013 12:28 PM

Why Wegmans is the Greatest Supermarket Ever

I'll have to disagree with "the sushi is good", because supermarket sushi never will be, but .... hellz yeah.

Wegmans FTW!

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    1. I really really love Wegmans. I try to only go once a week, Friday night and always leave with random thing I've discovered which inevitably turn out great. Recently, I've been avoiding other things I have to do and a return trip on Saturday is now the normal. They are always helpful. The deli counter is willing to let me try any and all and often offers a taste before I ask, I had an employee last week at the cheesecounter go on an adventure with me trying 10 different cheeses to find one I liked, I shared a taste of a Trumpet mushroom with the produce guy after I asked him what they taste like, and the seafood counter always knows when the fish came in and from where The store selection is incredible and they hvae great prices on nearly everything from routine items to the more unique items that they carry which of course are expensive but reasonably priced for what they are. In fact, last week I stopped at PetSmart for cat food before going to Wegmans only to discover that it was 15% cheaper at Wegmans! It's a 20 minute drive for me but since going there more frequently, I've been more inspired in the kitchen and my grocery bill has decreased somewhat given that my usual local shopping store is Whole Foods. I have only had the sushi from the prepared foods section so I can't really comment on that. Not only do I find great food finds, but the housewares section is also great. I browse everytime and always leave with some new utensil or dish.

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        I forgot to mention that I love the cafe. I don't eat many of the prepared foods but it's nice for a shopping break or to collect your thoughts when you're trying to figure out what exactly you've thrown in your cart and how you're going to use it. I did hear a story of a store kicking out a few older ladies having a book club meeting but I don't sit and diddle that long. Also the bathrooms are always impeccably clean which is not always true even at my local whole foods.

      2. Well..their sushi IS very good--better than any place here on Philly's main line that sells sushi. I love their fresh fish--and whenever monkfish is available, I'll make the purchase. The staff is very friendly and courteous and helpful.
        However. Wegman's does NOT sell the dehydrated corn powder that is needed to make the Momofuku Corn Cookies that my family loves. I still have to make the stop at Momofuku Milk Bar every time I go into NYC to buy the stuff en masse!
        Oh..and Weg's is extremely CLEAN--which makes shopping so much more pleasant!

        1. Yes, I do love to visit Wegmans. Awesome prepared food bar for last minute meals.

          1. I had never been until about a year ago and loved it, then I discovered the app, and it tells you where everything on your shopping list is.
            My wife, who loathes grocery stores, loves it to as one day she went in and asked someone where something was. Instead of the normal pointing and saying its over there, the person stopped what they were doing and walked her over to it

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              Always, they escort you from one section to another to find the person who might know its great.