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Aug 19, 2013 10:23 AM

Anything in/near Jonesport?

My family and I (3) will be staying in Jonesport for a week, and doing local trips. Am I right in thinking there are no restaurants of any kind in town? If so, is there anything closer than Machias?

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  1. there's Tall Barneys in the center of town - better yet, they have an IGA with the absolute best coffee (buy a vacuum brick) along with butter and lemons and whipped cream, then go go down to the dock and pick up fresh lobster, grab some fresh blueberries (or pie) along the road at any number of home stands (you can also ask the checkout clerk at the IGA whose got baked goods for sale out of the back of their houses) and make one heck of a maine dinner at home. in other words ... there's not much anything closer than Machias .....

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      And I've read that Tall Barney's has in fact closed recently.

    2. There's a takeout across the bridge and a gas station/pizza joint. Other than that, nada.

      Smokey Toast (breakfast joint) and Aunt Millie's are both in Jonesboro.