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Aug 19, 2013 08:46 AM

ISO Beachfront Restaurant like Es Torrent in Ibiza, but in Mallorca

My favorite on-the-beach restaurant in Ibiza (therefore, maybe my favorite in the world) is Es Torrent. The freshest fish, simply yet artfully prepared. A solid wine list and magnificent views. Feels real, unlike so many tourist traps that let their kitchens coast because they have the views. I'd also appreciate any other tips on any new or noteworthy restaurants in Mallorca.

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  1. I've never been to Ibiza but go to Mallorca fairly regularly. What's Es Torrent like? My knowledge of the island is mainly its north west so if that's the area you're interested in, I may be able to help.

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      Es Torrent is just a simple seafood restaurant located in an isolated cove in SW Ibiza. What sets it apart from many others is that it has the feel of a relaxed beach club, but there's a real chef in the kitchen and a wine list to match. It's just a high-quality restaurant in an idyllic location that doesn't pretend to be anything else. Sure, it's pricey, but what isn't in high season in the Mediterranean?


      I'll be staying in Mallorca next week fairly close to Palma. I've rented a car and plan on going at least once to Port Soller for sunset and dinner, but I'd also like to go one day to the beach and lunch up north. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

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        I've been going to Soller for many years - and the brother in law originates from the town. It used to be a food desert - really awful. Not just touristy restaurants (you expect that in a resort) but really bad touristy restaurants). I don't like it as a place to stay either.

        Since the building of the tunnel, it has become more popular with a growing upmarket customer base. There are now better restaurants but they are more "generic Euro" places than "local" food.

        Es Faro (unsurprisngly, it's at the lighthouse) has spectacular views over the bay and decent food.

        Es Canyis, at the beach, has been there for donkeys years and has a French/Mallorcan spin to the menu. Soller has traditional cultural links with France and, when I first visited in the 1980s, most tourists were French.

        Agapanto is a new restaurant, also at the beach - very "Euro" with formal service. I havnt eaten there but my partner has and reckons its probably now the best place in the resort.

        My own favourite place, although I've not eaten there for a couple of years, is S'Atic and is on the rooftop of the Los Geranios Hotel (beachfront) - very much modern Mallorcan food, with a hint of El Bulli in the cooking. Great views! You need to check this one as I fear it may have closed.

        Family were in Soller only last week and said everywhere was very busy - restaurant reservations are essential.

        Over the last few years, we have tended to stay at Pollensa or Port de Pollensa which I find to be a much nicer resort in which to spend a fortnight. The area is particularly good for restaurants - not high end but good middling places. This would be a good area for your beach and lunch trip. Perhaps look for a beach spot near the Pine Walk which, as the name suggests, is a tree lined path running along the beach front to the left of the harbour (as look out to sea). Assuming you'll be wanting lunch at the beach, then La Llonja or Stay, both at the harbour, are very good for seafood. Neither are cheap but both are good value, if you see what I mean. I could give you probably another 20 places in the Pollensa area where you would get excellent food but for a nice lunch in the sunshine, these would be hard to beat.

        For a general restaurant guide, I find Sky Blue Mallorca to be generally reliable. http://www.skybluemallorca.com/

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          Thanks Harters. I see I have a little more research before the trip. Thanks for the tips!

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            Harters, we ended up at La Terrazza in Port Andratz for lunch. Fantastic views, solid food and we were the only non-Spanish in the whole restaurant. Then took a lovely ride to Soller and back to Palma. Beautiful island. I can see why you spend time on the North side of the island...

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              Like you I think Es Torrent is my favorite sea food restaurant in the world. I also love La Paloma in the centre of the island. We've decided to have a change and visit Mallorca this year and I was curious if you were able to find any other restaurants / beach clubs etc of this standard. Many thanks in advance for any tips!