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Aug 19, 2013 08:43 AM

Feast or Underbelly??

coming to H. for an overnight before moving into a rented house for a reunion. Haven't been to Underbelly, but have read wonderful things about same. We loved Feast the 3 times we've been there, but wonder
if we should forgo F. for U. this time? Any reccs. and /or why one over the other. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Feast has closed. Went to Underbelly recently for lunch, food was quite good, nice room, good service.

    1. Oh No!!!! Is the one in New Orleans still open or do you know? Has anything else gone into that charming house?
      Too bad. I loved their sticky toffee pud as well as their
      beef cheeks.

      1. Not sure about their NO location. I heard a rumor that some of the Feast partners would be involved in a new venture, no details though. Have heard good things about Oxheart but have not been there yet.

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        1. re: absurdnerdbird

          It was posted here recently that two of the Feast principals left town, one is opening a place in the Heights but it's about a year away.

          I think the NOLA location was short-lived.

          1. re: brucesw

            Yes, that's right, the NOLA location closed within a year of opening. There is no more Feast food until the Heights pub opens eventually. Underbelly is good, but I feel it is over-hyped.

            1. re: Lambowner

              Well looky there, a timely article about Richard Knight's (of Feast) new (ad)venture. Looks Hunky Dory to me!