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Aug 19, 2013 06:54 AM

Hatch Chiles

They have them in at Raley's in Merced, and I presume other Raley's in the valley as well. On sale for 89 cents a lb. I stocked up yesterday.

This is Merced; you have to roast them yourself....

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  1. I live in Montana and yesterday they were selling them (and they were nice and fresh, still had that field smell) at WM. 20lb box for $13. Couldn't beleive it, I'm going to buy a box today and fire up the gas grill, roast and freeze 'em.

    1. And at Nob Hill in Salinas for that price until next Tuesday. The bin wasn't marked as far as level of heat, e.g., mild, medium or hot.

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        The Merced bin was marked 'hot' when I stocked up and I'd say based on my (personal) scale that is accurate.