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Aug 19, 2013 06:14 AM

2 days in Seattle, must try restaurants?

Huge foodie and wine lover. What are the best restaurants, wine bars/store, to try that are locals's favorites. Price doesn't matter, I just prefer not to have to dress up beyond business casual.

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  1. What part of town will you be in?

    1. The following thread is a good read. May answer most of your questions.

        1. You could hit up the new Vif wine bar in Fremont and then be really close to Rock Creek, Uneeda Burger, Dot's Deli, Paseo, and just a stone's throw from Joule and the Whale Wins, or Revel down in Fremont, or one of a million good places in Ballard depending on what you want to eat....

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          1. re: Brunhilde

            A wine bar that closes at 7 T-F, Saturday at 6 and Sunday at 5? Per their description, "a wine shop and coffee house" to elaborate on that Brunhilde? How does that vision come together in practice?

            1. re: Jeri L

              Fremont works in mysterious ways...

              But seriously, I don't know. I was scratching my head when it opened too, but then I hit up their Friday happy hour when the Narwhal truck was there and between the oysters and wine I was a little bit sold. Or maybe a little bit drunk. Or both.

              It's new, time will tell how practical it is. At least they have that day-drinking all natural wine enthusiast market cornered.

              (2nd thought: This is just an elaborate set for a Portlandia sketch.)

          2. try chan in the market. i also recommend le pichet, list, the innkeeper, local 360 (mac and cheese and fries = amazing). mistral was very good when i went there for brunch. all these are downtown or in belltown. japonessa is good "americanized"/fusion sushi. shiro's is amazing authentic japanese sushi.

            try harbor city in the international district for good dim sum.

            in fremont, i love revel.

            enjoy your visit.