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Aug 19, 2013 06:12 AM

Visiting east coast hound in need of walking-distance recommendations

Good morning Portland hounds. I see some nice recommendations for my upcoming visit on other threads (thank you), but I'll be in town on business with a very tight schedule and am having trouble figuring out which places are an easy distance from my hotel, the Vintage Plaza Kimpton.

I'll need several lunches doable within a 1-hour lunch break and several dinners. I'm a good walker and willing to take public transport. Either sit-down or food cart would be fine. I'd like to try things that are 'typical Portland', if there is such a thing. Love ethnic foods. Reasonable prices, don't need fine dining.

Thank you so much in advance!!

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  1. 10th and Alder Food carts (there are a ton).

    Lardo, Gruner, Tasty & Alder, Grassa, Imperial, Urban Farmer, Departure, Blue Star Donuts.

    Maybe others can weigh in on the ethnic in the area.

    1. Racion, Higgins (lunch and dinner), Luc Lac, Little Bird (lunch and dinner), Mucca, East India Company and the VQ for outdoor dining.

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        VQ = Veritable Quandary, I'm guessing?