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Aug 19, 2013 05:59 AM

Say Cheese!!!

Lately, with literally thousands of cheeses available on the market, I've experienced some great locally made cheeses. Really enjoy a good aged veined cheese paired with champagne, aged slightly pungent goat, some excellent hard cheeses in the parm style and some outrageous English Stilton. Got to have them at room temp to allow them to bloom with some libation, maybe sliced fresh fruit, nuts, dried figs and apricots.

What are your favorite cheeses and how do you like to enjoy them.

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  1. I htink there's an old thread on this topic but I'd love to hear others' updated responses. I seem to love all cheese. I started off on my cheese adventure with a cheddar obsession and was loving 4 year aged Cheddars. Then one day, I hated them all. If it's a mild under 8 months I can handle it but something on the back note really turns me off now. However, I have found a new world of cheese that I love and it seems like I can't find enough cheeses to like. My current favorites are Port Salut, Robiola, Raclette, Cypress Grove goat Gouda, Ossau Iraty and Tomme de Savoie. I don't usually eat my cheese straight up, most of my cheese consumption is via eggs - omelets, frittatas - or melted in sandwiches or baked dishes.

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      Interesting. I usually eat my cheese "straight up" and don't really like cheese mixed with eggs unless the eggs are diluted into a custard, i.e. a quiche.

      I have to be in the right mood for cheddar -- sometimes I really crave the bite of a sharp cheddar!

      Lately I've been investing my cheese dollars in local small producer cheeses no one will have heard of! I really liked the Gypsy Rose (Gypsy Cheese Co. of Valley Ford CA) cheese I bought in Sonoma County last weekend.

    2. This is why I wanted this thread on the General Topic Board, the Cheese Board gets no action! It's a general question Mods! How about prototyping it on the GTB?

      1. I forget there is a cheese board on CH.

        Love me a Stilton, paired with an array of fruit, crusty bread and a good red.

        Goat Cheese, I like to dust with Panko bread crumbs and make a little crab cake size out of it and warm it up in a pan with little EVO and place over spring mix in a lemon vinaigrette..makes this sublime warm bundle of goodness..
        Just made a puff pastry with goat cheese and nectarine galette..

        Triple cream Brie slightly warm with a baquette..

        I could live off cheese, fruit, crusty bread and wine.

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          Got to try a good bottle of bubbly with the veined cheeses, wonderful. I also coat goat with panko and fry.

        2. I enjoy the thrill of discovery, so finding good local (or relatively local!) cheeses is a bit of a hobby. Like others, I prefer my cheese pure (orefer not to have fruit or nuts with my cheese, though Valdeon with honey works), but I also enjoy (very much) cheese souffles, quiches, and as an accent (some cheeses, e.g. Parmesan, are fabulous to use in cooking).
          Made a grilled grassfed beef burger with a slice of a local Taleggio-style cheese (Arabella) melted on top--I wasn't sure that the combination would work, but that slice of Arabella nicely accented the burger.

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            You have your location listed as Indiana in your profile. This brings up what I've been discovering, which is that artisan cheesemaking has really taken hold all over the country. In fact, I think I'm going to start a thread about it!