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Penelope Casas, Spanish Food Author, Dies at 70

  • JoanN Aug 19, 2013 04:33 AM
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  1. Oh, how very sad this is. She was such an eloquent and influential writer. We've cooked many delicious recipes from her books and will miss her tremendously.

    1. I am honored to have gotten to know her a little through her recipes and writing. She certainly enriched my life. May she rest in peace.


      1. Sad to hear. I had the privilege of attending a class she led once and found her to be quite nice, if a bit shy. The Food and Wine of Spain is still one of my favorite books in my library.

        1. So sorry to read this. 70 is far too young :-(

          I have several of her cookbooks and have enjoy them...and the food I cooked from them...very much.