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Aug 19, 2013 12:07 AM

Fish Sauce and Soy Sauce- Improve or Deteriorate w/ Age?

This is not a health question; it is purely a flavor question. Have you noticed a positive or neutral or negative flavor impact with 8+years old fish sauce and kikkoman soy sauce? I know aging/fermentation plays a role in producing both of them but wine doesn't last 'forever' ,so maybe they don't either. thx much.

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  1. Degrade. I feel it would lose its subtle aromas after time. Purely a guess though.

    1. I don't think soysauce continues to ferment after the manufacturing process. It's a fairly stable product and, if stored properly, can last indefinitely. However, do watch out for mould if not stored properly - if so, throw away!

      1. fish sauce - improve

        it gets funkier (good in my book)

        1. Aging or fermenting do not continue in the bottle. Ex; a 20 year old bottle of scotch doesn't become a 40 year old bottle of scotch just 'cus it hasn't been opened for 20 years. After opening, most condiments lose their umph over time.

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            maybe for scotch, but not true for wine (up to a certain point; but @ wine is different).

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              I intentionally did not mention wine as it does age very well in the coffin. Fish sauce will begin to decline after opening but, then you probably know more about this than me.

            2. re: cstr

              I think distillates are different not only from wine, but also from products like soy and fish sauce. One reason is they are so alcoholic that they're sort of fixed, as it were, once they're bottled.

            3. Both those items get used up quickly at my house, so I will never know!

              But, I have made my own soy sauce before and I am still an avid "fermentaholic". The store bought products are usually pasteurized or otherwise stabilized so they do not continue to ferment. They will keep longer in the fridge.