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Aug 18, 2013 09:06 PM

Chili My Soul chilis at Jinky's Cafe?

Someone posted on Chili My Soul's old Facebook page that Jinky's bought CMS's recipes. I know Jinky's used to serve CMS chili so was wondering if anyone could confirm.

From the Jinky's website, which has a "chili" menu, it looks like it may be true. As I mentioned in another thread, the Jinky's website list 20 chilis with names that are different than the ones at Chili My Soul, but sound like very similar varieties.

For instance, Jinky's has "Devilo" at 10+; CMS had Demon, which also was 10+. Both describe their chili as having "six of the world's hottest peppers "

Jinky's has "East Indian Chicken" at 7; CMS had "Curry Chicken" at the same heat level.

Jinky's "Oaxaca" is a 7, has beef chorizo and maize. That sounds a lot like CMS's "Durango."

Jinky's has "Wild, Wild West" an 8, which is described as
"Onion-free Western style chili with lean ground beef, bacon bits, and baby pinto beans with a 'crocodile' bite. Bring out the knife and fork for this thick chili that stands up to the palate of the most unforgiving chili connoisseur." CMS had "Gunslinger," which was an 8, and was described as "Onion-free Western style chili with lean ground beef, bacon bits, and baby pinto beans with a 'take no prisoners' bite. This thick chili stands up to the palate of the most discerning chili connoisseur."

There also are flavors similar to CMS' popular Poblano Turkey ("Pasilla Turkey") and Habanero Mango Chicken ("Spicy Mango Chicken").

You can compare the chili menus for Jinky's at with the web archive from CMS

Is anyone familiar with how Jinky's does its chili? Do they have a selection of flavors each day or are all 20 flavors available? Also, do they give you a choice of toppings or will I have to provide my own chocolate chips?

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  1. Jinky's has had almost 20 varieties for as long as I can remember, with each having its own spice level, and, on any given day, Jinky's offers about a half dozen or so of them. I only recollect the standard toppings (plus whatever might be unique to a particular variety) being on offer so you may be on your own for the chips.

    1. Prior to Chili My Soul "selling" their recipes to Jinky's there were two previous stages of the process:

      1) Jinky's had Chili My Soul chili.


      2) Jinky's didn't have Chili My Soul chili, but it had house made facsimiles of Chili My Soul chilis under slightly different names.

      In both cases they only had 6-7 varieties each day, no toppings, and you had to call ahead to see if they had your favorite. There are always 3-4 pork/beef, 1-2 poultry, and 1-2 veggie.

      When the transition happened from Chili My Soul to house made varieties, the texture and spice levels changed a bit, but you wouldn't notice without a head to head tasting.

      I have no idea whether that changed back with Chili My Soul sold them their recipes, because head to head tasting wasn't possible. But, if you miss Chili My Soul, certainly try it... but call ahead to see whether they have your favorites available that day.

      1. Hi,
        Yes-in 2005 I believe was when all our cooks from CMS- I say our as I worked for Randy for almost a decade- anyway, they all left to go work at Jinky's, and obviously knew some of the ways to make some of the chilis. That said, I was at Studio City Cafe the other day finally, and the chili is NOT anything like CMS. They will let you sample of course- I think they carry 10 a day, and you can get toppings-cheese, onions, sour cream.

        Now, let me get back to my habanero mango chicken chili I have cooking and almost finished in my kitchen :)

        I hope this helps you- feel free to ask more privately...I can explain the whole thing to you if you want?

        Take care and good luck

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        1. re: chilimaiden

          Thanks for the response. My post was prompted by a recent Facebook post on the old CMS Facebook page dated August 19 that mentioned a sale to Jinkys and saw some cryptic posts from earlier this year that made me think some effort had been made to either restart the restaurant or do something with the recipes but that had never worked. One of the posts said something about something being "finally over" after four years, which is the time since Randy's death. So that made me wonder if there was something more recent, perhaps to resolve a dispute over Jinky's similar chilis (but that's pure speculation).

          If the recipes have not been sold, it would be wonderful if Randy's family would make them available. I know the Poblano Turkey Chili is online because Randy gave it to a magazine, but I would love the recipes for Gunslinger, Durango, Chicken Royale, Curry Chicken, and, of course, Demon.

          1. re: Jwsel

            Randy's family has nothing to do with anything at all. The people that Randy had left some things with/to-and it wasn't me of course...are doing nothing either. The only way that there would possibly be some sort of re-birth that I know of at the moment would be from myself. Unless there is some hidden rebirth that I am unaware of, nothing is happening on my end. I will keep you in mind though for the future :)

          2. re: chilimaiden

            I used to eat at CMS with my cousin almost weekly for as long as it was open. Best curly cheese fries and chili in los angeles. That being said, I agree with some of the other folks here that it would be great to have the recipes made available, since it doesn't seem like a re-birth will happen. Rojo Grande was my absolute favorite, and chili has never tasted the same. But I would love to learn the recipes so I can show my fiance what she missed, and to be able to enjoy Randy's great legacy. Is there any way to obtain the recipe from you? JNTMusic at gmail dot com

            Thank you!

          3. oh, and one more thing just to set the "rumor" straight. Chili My Soul never sold Jinky's the recipes-for a long time, Jinky's bought the chili from CMS, just like Beverly Glen Deli, and The Griddle Cafe...but then comes the long story.

            My opinion could be biased as like I said before I was manager and before that a peon of CMS for about 10 years :)

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            1. re: chilimaiden

              I agree, not the same as it was at CMS. Would be interested in talking with you about a CMS come back!

              1. re: mygymscott

                I tried to reply to you, but the moderators came in and said I can't give my email address here. I would love to be reminded of who you are, and speak with you more about do we exchange emails?

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                  What people have done in the past is put their Emails somewhere in their profile and point folks to it.

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                      Check out my favorite meal on my profile

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                        I can't even figure out how to see my profile on my phone, hahaha. .. I'll try on my computer later. ..

              2. The original comment has been removed