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Aug 18, 2013 07:36 PM

Victoria for the long weekend

Hi All. We are heading to Victoria from Van for the upcoming long weekend, and I wanted to run my game plan with you guys to see if I should switch things up. This will be our first time there :) Here's what I have so far:

Saturday dinner at Padella. Should I switch this to Cafe Brio instead? Something else?
Sunday brunch: Weather permitting, grab some meats and cheese at Choux Choux. Is there a nearby wine merchant that we can bike to to pick up a bottle? If we can't picnic, Jam or Clay Pigeon for brunch.
Sunday dinner: Check out Little Jumbo. Otherwise, Ferris or Ca Va or Brasserie (unless there is a great local place that we need to hit up...). Post-dinner drinks at Clive's? Any other good bars/pubs?
Monday brunch: TBD.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can't give any recommendations but can tell you that both Ca Va and Brasserie are closed for Sunday dinner.(Brasserie was very highly recommended by everyone we spoke to, FWIW)

    Brunch at Clay Pigeon was good but not outstanding. On the plus side, there wasn't a wait.

    On Saturday, there is also the Moss St Farmers Market, which was enjoyable. It would be a quick bike ride to/from Choux Choux.

    Daidoco has a stand there where they do simple, pretty tasty Japanese food (not mind blowing, but the type of food I could eat daily).

    1. Yeah, no go on the Sunday hit for Choux Choux (unless there's a fridge in your hotel, then p/u stuff the day before. Alternate (if you have a car) is Charelli's cheese (& more) shop in Oak Bay on Cadboro Bay Rd (open Sun's). Great cheese selection, plus meats and other picnic fixin's. Whole Beast is great too (for a Sat hit, as they're also closed Sun). Good wine merchant in Cook St. Village (behind the Pure Pharmacy/Pizza Prima Strada).
      If you opt for Jam, plan to get there before it opens or you'll be in the line-up (guaranteed on a long-weekend). Great breaky tho.
      I've not been to Padella yet, but have heard good things.
      Little Jumbo is a good idea (it's been the talk of the town, just opened a few days ago). Drinks at Clive's after would round it out as that's where he started before opening LJ. Veneto's is also good for drinks/cocktails.
      Ferris' is good for a big menu and lively environment. Not sure if the upstairs is open Sundays - little quieter, smaller menu - but with some good selections.

      1. Saturday night - I would go to the Brasserie L'Ecole. Need to arrive at 5 pm for the 5:30 pm seating or come later and leave your number for a table.
        Sunday night - you could do a trio of cocktail places - Little Jumbo, Veneto and Clive's. Just have nibbles at each place.
        Monday - not many brunch options on a Monday (outside of hotels). If you have a car you could go to Nourish, which has a lovely location:
        Have fun...

        1. Good Sunday night options:

          1) Stage Small plates and Wine Bar
          2) Restaurant Matisse
          3) Little Jumbo
          4) Cafe Brio
          5) Sizzling Tandoor (Indian, obviously)

          Clive's and Veneto are great for cocktails but I don't like the food all that much.

          Have fun.

          1. Amend to my note that Whole Beast is closed Sundays - wrong! Was just there today, open Sun (11-4), closed Mon's. grabbed a duck char sui sausage, some pepperoni and my friend grabbed a chicken liver parfait (smooth, creamy and gone in 60 seconds).

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              Thanks for the head's up! Hope the weather forecast is accurate. We are taking our car over, so your Charelli's suggestion sounds great, unless you think Whole Beast is preferable.

              1. re: AquaGrrrl181

                Chiarelli's has a bigger selection of products. They sell a lot of cheese but also some charcuterie, bread, butter, chocolate, various condiments and preserves, pastas....They actually cram an extraordinary array of culinaria in an extremely small space (a bit claustrophobic, but worth the visit).