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Dallas Chinese???

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Where is the best Chinese in Dallas?
I like Maxim's and some of the joints in Chinatown, but have yet to find something comparable to NYC Chinese. Are there any spots worth the trek......money no object?

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  1. First Chinese Barbecue, which has several restaurants (Richardson, Plano and Carrollton -- maybe more) , is the best Chinese I've had in the Dallas area.

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      Agree very much on 1st Chinese BBQ.

      Houston has some terrific places, see other postings, and they're worth a trip.

      By New York Chinatown, I assume you're being non-specific. My last few trips to NY Chinatown have been disappointing. I think a lot of activity moved out to Flushing in Queens, NY.

      1. re: Tex Nosh

        That's a great point. I have had good food in Flushing and Sunnyside. I am, in fact, meaning Manhatan's Chinatown. What places might you suggest which constitute fluffy wontons and first-rate seafood in exceptional sauces? Thanks.

    2. Hey, big spender, "Money no object?"... Chinese food? Isn't this a bit of a contradiction in terms? I mean, what is the most expensive Chinese meal that anyone has had in Texas? And I don't mean Chinese night at Lola's or The Mansion, please.

      My experience has been that anyone of us can afford to splurge in the Chinese department... but, please, correct me if I'm wrong.

      1. Our favorite Chinese restaurant for several years now is My Canh, at Walnut & Plano Rd. in Garland. We drive all the way from Las Colinas to eat there. They are open very late (till 2am), which suits our lifestyle, and we love everything we've had there. Anything from Chicken/corn soup, to shrimp with vegetables (huge, fresh shrimp), to chicken with flat chow-fun type noodles, to a bucket of steamed clams loaded with green onions and ginger. Also, try the Vietnamese-style shrimp fire pot and the sea cucumber with black mushrooms.

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          David Pearlman

          First Chinese BBQ is the best I've eaten at. All three locations have been equal for food quality. While sitting in the Arlington location one day another guy waiting for his takeout order told me that nearby, at the intersection of Park Row and New York Avenue, is Ocean Chinese, which he said is just as good. I still haven't been there, but if anyone has, I'd appreciate a report.

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            Ocean is good, they're more of a hotpot/firepot joint. they're good.. but First Chinese BBQ is my all-time favorite! (their crispy tofu and fried shrimp in shell.... oh man!)
            Anyway, I like ocean but i've only been there once. It was recommended to me by my dad's Chinese coworker, though, and she apparently really knows her stuff.
            (on the other hand, I was brought to 1st chinese bbq by my chinese student's mother... i'm not much help, am i??)

          2. Uncle Tai's in the Galleria is the best by far. It is fairly expensive, but you get what you pay for.

            1. The best by far is Jeng Chi in Richardson. Dotty Griffin and many other food critics eat there. the owners of My Cahn eat there, along with many other owers of Asian restuarants, like Nokamoto's, Kang's Cafe, the chefs at Deep Sushi, etc. The also recieved awards for best dumpling house. I have been going there for about15 years now. The owners Mr. & Mrs. Teng are very nice people, they really take pride in what they serve. Family owned restuarants are always the best. They are best known for thier dumplings, and have a chinese bakery that sells desserts, cakes and breads. I buy all my friends birthday cakes there, everyone loves them! Oh, they are on N. Greenville between Beltline and Arapaho, the only one with a round door.

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                Jeng Chi's steamed dumplings aren't bad, but are far from NYC- or CA-quality (or Chinatown elsewhere). Their noodles were among the worst I've ever had. What do you normally order there? (in case we missed their signature dishes--are their Schezuan dishes better?). We saw a lot more non-Chinese eating there than at First Chinese, which I think serves the best Chinese in DFW.

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                  I didn't Jeng Chi's dumplings at all (esp the Siu Long Bao) - quality is poor compared to Manhattan. The noodle soups are ok, but I thought they put way too much MSG in it. We used to go every now and then, but we don't go anymore...

                  The bakery at Jeng Chi is actually pretty good - I like their Cantonese "Swiss Roll". Quality is almost as good as the ones I've had in Hong Kong.

              2. New San Door - a new restaurant in the asian center on Legacy near 75 in Plano - Fantastic Cantonese food. The best I've had in Dallas. Excellent Peking Duck. Don't miss the crispy garlic chicken. One of the greatest chicken dishes anywhere of any cuisine.

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                  I misspelled the name it's New San Dor (only one o in Dor) Ate there again last night, fantastic steamed fish with scalion & soy, peking duck & crispy garlic chicken. Very popular already, was packed by 6:30

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                    I just tried it, you're right it's really good. The garlic chicken I had wasn't crispy but it was really good. A guy I was talking to called it "Hong Kong" style rather than "down home greasy Cantonese".

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                      Tried out New San Dor this last weekend. Having been such a loyal First Chinese BBQ fan, I feel somewhat bad about this, but New San Dor may have just become my favorite Cantonese style restaurant in DFW. The service is a little rough since the restaurant is so new, but the sizzling seafood plate has been on my mind ever since I ate it Saturday night! Didn't get to try to crispy garlic chicken, but I know I'll be back soon enough.

                      For full pictoral review: http://donnaaries.wordpress.com/2007/...

                2. What do you guys think of Tong's House, on Coit? I've had some pretty good dishes there, but haven't been in a while.

                  1. Tong's house was GREAT for Szechuan cuisine a few years ago, when Mr. Tong still owned it. It changed hands about 2 years ago. I've been back a few times. Was still good but not the same as before.

                    1. When there is talk about Chinese in DFW, I always muse back to yesteryear when I was a kid. There were two Chinese restaurants in town. The Joy Inn on NW near bachman lake and szechuan pavilion on NW near Preston. That was really pretty much it. Dallas has come a long ways...

                      1. To the person asking about Jeng Chi, I strongly recommend the hot bowl of beef (that's the name) and the green onion pancakes. My husband and I love their dumplings, most notably the vegetarian ones. On the weekends they serve specials such as the Chinese short ribs that are delicious.

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                          My wife and I tried to eat at Jeng Chi last Sunday night around 7:00...they weren't experiencing a lull , but they were not all that busy either ; about 8 tables were occupied . Our order was taken , but we never received any of it . When we finally gave up , about 30 mins later , and said something to the lady in the front of the restaurant , she wasn't surprised that we weren't served , nor did she care one way or the other . As you know , there are a lot of Chinese businesses and restaurants in this shopping center . Is there some weird pecking order happening on Sundays ? Perhaps Chinese only on Sundays , no round eyes ?

                        2. Asking as an out of towner, which regional Chinese cuisines are best represented in the Dallas area? Cantonese? Szechuan? Taiwanese? Shanghainese? Just curious because I might be visiting the Dallas area later this year and wanted to get a heads-up.

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                            first bbq and new san dor are both cantonese i believe but i'm not an expert (or an asian :)

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                              OK cool. From the sounds of it there's a lot of Cantonese and some Szechuan food down in Dallas. Good stuff! Thanks.

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                              Unlike the historic Chinatowns of places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, the Chinese population of Dallas is not heavily Cantonese. My guess is that it' s largely Taiwanese though I don't know for sure. (Also there's the Vietnamese/Chinese crossover.) However, Chinese people from all regions of China appreciate Cantonese cooking as the best regional cuisine, so any American city with a large Chinese population will have good Cantonese/Hong Kong style food. As a result, you'll find good Cantonese/HK, Taiwanese and even Shanghainese food in Dallas.

                            3. Here are some places:

                              Cafe Mandarin (shopping strip next to Maxim) and order the spicy wontons (12 pcs) and the Dan Dan Noodles - that's if you like spicy stuff.
                              If you don't, the mustard pork noodle soup is really good.

                              King Noodle - a little more south on Greenville (new shopping center with the optical store) and order the Beef Dry Noodles. SO good :)

                              1. I would recommend Kirin Court at SEQ of Belt Line and 75 just about everything I have had their was excellent. Sichaunese Cuisine at NWC of Coit and Park in Plano is excellent if you like spicy chinese (Sichuan Boiled Fish (highly recommended)). I understand these might not be as good of restaurants as NYC, LA, Houston, or China, but they suffice.

                                1. Since we moved to Dallas from Mexico I've been looking for a dish that's a staple of Chinese restaurants in northern Mexico. It consists of deep fried pieces of pressed duck meat cut into cubes and covered in an sweet and sour sauce with toasted almonds. The texture is very crispy and the contrast of the duck meat with the sweetness of the sauce is incredible. I've looked for it at several chinese restaurants in Dallas with no luck. Has anyone seen anything similar in Dallas/Houston restaurants?

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                                    This very question has popped up recently on several of the Chowhound regional boards. I think the dish you're referring to is normally called almond duck, or occasionally pressed duck, and was ubiquitous at Chinese restaurants in the U.S. 50 years ago. At that time most all Chinese residents of the U.S., and Mexico too, came from rural areas outside of Canton, so the Chinese food over here was relatively uniform. Almond duck more commonly was made with a thick brown sauce as opposed to sweet and sour, though. With so many regional Chinese cuisines appearing in the US now, this old Cantonese style food is getting harder to find. Ideally you'd look for a Chinese restaurant that has been in continous operation since the 1950s to find this dish. As such your chances of finding almond duck are probably better in Houston since Dallas does not have the historic Chinese population that there is in Houston.

                                    Here are a couple of many threads on almond duck that have appeared on Chowhound.




                                  2. I unfortunately don't remember the name of the restaurant, but there is a great Chinese restaurant in Addison near Addison Coffee Company that has the atmosphere and style of food similar to what you find in New England and the NYC area. I will try to get the name of the restaurant. The food is excellent.

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                                      Is the restaurant in Addison called May Dragon? I've heard that it is good, but haven't tried it yet. I really haven't had any really good Chinese food here, but I am now looking forward to trying the First Chinese BBQ & New San Dor.

                                      1. re: snowwhiteRN

                                        I have been to May Dragon couple of times and I thought the food was very bland.

                                        1. re: dvp05

                                          I've never been impressed with the food at May Dragon and the place is kind of dingy too.

                                        2. re: snowwhiteRN

                                          So I went to try the First Chinese BBQ last night. It gets mixed reviews for me. I expected it not to be the best atmosphere, but I wasn't horrified by it. Seemed clean. The Hot & Sour soup was not to my liking, but my friend thought it was pretty good. We got the Chicken with Garlic Sauce and Beef Schizuan. I was turned off by the chicken. Let me just state though, I do not like dark meat chicken and I should have asked if for an extra charge I could have all white meat. Also the chicken had lots of tendony, grisly pieces to it, however the flavor of the dish was good. The Beef was excellent and I would order that again.

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                                            When a resto has the word "BBQ" in its name well I typically get at least one dish that is bbq related. I know I'm sounding like a smart arse but I've been going to FC BBQ even before it was fashionable and the only dishes I've ever eaten there are bbq'd pork, bbq'd duck (or whatever they do to their duck), Chinese broccolli, and soup. It's not the kind of place that I would expect to have a large repertoire of good dishes. Go around the corner to Kirin Court if you want that.

                                            1. re: Scagnetti

                                              Yep I was thinking the same thing, I would include their bbq fried rice which is excellent.

                                              1. re: irodguy

                                                Can't forget about the BBQ lo mein as well. Every time I go here, I pretty much get either that or the BBQ fried rice, as well as ordering a dish that I haven't tried, and then share with friends.

                                                1. re: air

                                                  Their wonton soup is excellent as well. It comes with egg noodles, so I always specify mine to be noodle-free. Aside from that, I stick with the bbq roast pork or duck. And I'm too greedy to share.

                                                  1. re: air

                                                    Second BBQ lo mein. We tried almost all fried noodle dishes there and BBQ lo mein is the best (which was recommended by someone who eats there every day). Our other favorite is Yan Chow Fried Rice, which also has BBQ pork.

                                                2. re: Scagnetti

                                                  Husband and I go to the Richardson location once or twice a month. Everyone who works there knows us. We always stick with the BBQ (usu with noodle soup). Husband likes the wontons also (I found them a bit too salty). Once in a while, we order their "special fried noodle" which is 2 kinds of stir-fry noodles (rice stick and vermiccli) with shrimp and BBQ pork.