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May 9, 2004 04:08 PM

Dallas Chinese???

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Where is the best Chinese in Dallas?
I like Maxim's and some of the joints in Chinatown, but have yet to find something comparable to NYC Chinese. Are there any spots worth the no object?

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  1. First Chinese Barbecue, which has several restaurants (Richardson, Plano and Carrollton -- maybe more) , is the best Chinese I've had in the Dallas area.

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    1. re: Kirk

      Agree very much on 1st Chinese BBQ.

      Houston has some terrific places, see other postings, and they're worth a trip.

      By New York Chinatown, I assume you're being non-specific. My last few trips to NY Chinatown have been disappointing. I think a lot of activity moved out to Flushing in Queens, NY.

      1. re: Tex Nosh

        That's a great point. I have had good food in Flushing and Sunnyside. I am, in fact, meaning Manhatan's Chinatown. What places might you suggest which constitute fluffy wontons and first-rate seafood in exceptional sauces? Thanks.

    2. Hey, big spender, "Money no object?"... Chinese food? Isn't this a bit of a contradiction in terms? I mean, what is the most expensive Chinese meal that anyone has had in Texas? And I don't mean Chinese night at Lola's or The Mansion, please.

      My experience has been that anyone of us can afford to splurge in the Chinese department... but, please, correct me if I'm wrong.

      1. Our favorite Chinese restaurant for several years now is My Canh, at Walnut & Plano Rd. in Garland. We drive all the way from Las Colinas to eat there. They are open very late (till 2am), which suits our lifestyle, and we love everything we've had there. Anything from Chicken/corn soup, to shrimp with vegetables (huge, fresh shrimp), to chicken with flat chow-fun type noodles, to a bucket of steamed clams loaded with green onions and ginger. Also, try the Vietnamese-style shrimp fire pot and the sea cucumber with black mushrooms.

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          David Pearlman

          First Chinese BBQ is the best I've eaten at. All three locations have been equal for food quality. While sitting in the Arlington location one day another guy waiting for his takeout order told me that nearby, at the intersection of Park Row and New York Avenue, is Ocean Chinese, which he said is just as good. I still haven't been there, but if anyone has, I'd appreciate a report.

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          1. re: David Pearlman

            Ocean is good, they're more of a hotpot/firepot joint. they're good.. but First Chinese BBQ is my all-time favorite! (their crispy tofu and fried shrimp in shell.... oh man!)
            Anyway, I like ocean but i've only been there once. It was recommended to me by my dad's Chinese coworker, though, and she apparently really knows her stuff.
            (on the other hand, I was brought to 1st chinese bbq by my chinese student's mother... i'm not much help, am i??)

          2. Uncle Tai's in the Galleria is the best by far. It is fairly expensive, but you get what you pay for.