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Aug 18, 2013 07:31 PM

And now yet another Paris special occasion question: Birthday dinner for a teen girl

I am taking my 14 year old niece to Paris for her birthday in October. She's been once, she lives in Germany and visited for 24 hours on her way somewhere else. Anyway, she and my sister (who also lives in Germany but has never been to Paris) are meeting me there for the turning 15 festivities. I have lots of ideas for other meals (we're staying in the 11th and I've already settled on West Country Girl for one meal because she loves crepes, and probably Porokhane because my sister will love it and it's real close to my apartment, and Jeanne B along with a trip to Sacre Coeur).
But...I am at a loss for the big night (it's a Sat). My sister is on a VERY limited budget so I am treating for most of the trip, meaning that as much as I would love to take her somewhere like Le Grand Vefour, it's not in the budget for me. I'm thinking of Chez Denise, do you think that they would make a fuss and bring her a cake with a candle? I'm thinking old-style bistro for this, does that make sense? She's fairly adventurous and not especially picky. Any and all suggestions welcomed. Thanks!

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  1. What about Dans Les Landes ?
    - It's good AND open Saturday
    - Its tapas-style meal means the kind of small-plate tastings that are user-friendly and novel, two pluses for teenagers.
    - Inexpensive. Without wine, Ptipois, hubby poo and I lunched there once for 20 euro per person.
    - Plus you can get a bottle, or 3 of your fave Irouléguy.
    - The atmosphere is hip, but not oppressively so, and the waiters as yummy as the food.

    Another place that would fit
    "I'm thinking old-style bistro for this, does that make sense? She's fairly adventurous and not especially picky"
    would be Jeanne B.
    - Good bistro food that got a little better since it opened
    - Nice hip bistro interior
    - inexpensive, with a dinner menu under 30 euro
    - in the charming 'hood where Amélie the movie was made. Great touring possibility before and after dinner.

    1. Maceo is a wonderful place for a celebration. It's behind the Palais Royale 15 rue des Petits Champs - very affordable, but feels and eats like fine dining. Food is wonderful, and there's a wide range of choices.

      1. Chez Denise is closed on Saturday.

        Since you like the 11th, have a look at Le Square Gardette on the rue Saint-Ambroise. Recently went to a friend's birthday there and was great fun. Tell them when you book that it's a birthday dinner and they will add the festive touches. Great combo of trad and hip decor and vibe. Foodwise, it was very good and much improved since another somewhat disappointing meal there a year or two ago. Probably around 40 to 50 €.

        1. Well, now for something completely different as Monty Python would say:
          Earlier this summer we hosted our two 14 year olds and went to 5.6/10 Wanderlust, 32 Quai d’Austerlitz in the 13th,, open 7/7 Metro: Gare d'Austerlitz.
          It is in the same building as the relatively new Museum of Fashion & Design (showing stuff that normally would be at the Galleria) which if your 14 yo is like ours is a big deal.
          The food was really fun and it was sort of festive so I'd guess they'd do the cake & candles thing. Now since then, the chef whose food we ate - Bertrand Grebaut (Septime) was replaced by Christophe Pele (ex-Bigarrade) and there's been a negative comment here. But the place is so funky I'd still recommend it.

          1. Thank you all, I will think about all of these great and different recommendations! She is shy and probably wouldn't want a big fuss but a small one would be wonderful. Parigi we're definitely hitting Dans Les Landes and Jeanne B, just deciding if those will be the birthday place. This child has been through a lot in her 14 years so I want to make it super special (well, as special as I can on somewhat of a budget! ) Thanks again...