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Aug 18, 2013 02:41 PM

Croydon - current recommendations

I've been rooting around for good recs in Croydon. I went to taste of Kerala on Saturday c/o JFores and it was decent although just had the thali. Tasty Jerk was great when I went recently. It appears though that a lot of recommended places have closed recently and I'm struggling to see that Croydon/norbury can challenge Tooting for Indian/Sri/Pakistani offerings. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. What sort of thing are you looking for? In the London Road area, I like Spiceland ( ) for Sri Lankan, Finger Licking ( ) for Ghanaian, and Mazi ( ) for shish kebabs (done over a charcoal grill and served in fluffy Turkish bread rather than pittas — try their yoğurtlu shish too).

    Caprice ( ) does Balkan food — nothing refined, but I've had good tripe and good fish here. Albert's Table ( ) does modern British. And Uncle Lim's ( ) is still there for Malaysian. They added a few new dishes to their menu recently, including Fujian mee (nice chewy noodles in that).

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      This is great and just what I wanted! It's taken me a good year to explore Tooting and I still have places to go to (I end up going to the excellent Spice Village 8 out of 10 visits which doesn't help) and Croydon is vastly bigger so thanks a lot for the pointers. I am going to try SpiceLand on Wednesday!

      P.s. I'm in awe of your blogs and sites and use your Reading Chinese Menus site all the time, thanks for making such useful stuff!

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        You're welcome — glad you find it all useful!

        Chinese food is the one thing Croydon lacks. The dim sum at Wing Yip is good old-school stuff, and Royal Garden in Addington ( ) looks promising (and I plan to try it at some point) but I haven't found anything non-Cantonese at all.

        I used to live near Royal Palace at Surrey Quays, and miss it sorely (I have resorted to getting a takeaway from there when I'm passing through, but the journey home is just a little too long for it to stay good).

    2. Uncle Lims is one of the few places you can get authentic prawn mee in London - special soup made with all the prawn shells (basically a bisque crossed with a laksa). Highly recommended - but check they have it on I don't this they serve it all the time. J

      1. First a question about Guildford, and now one about Croydon. It makes this American feel like he's watching old British science fiction (Dr Who and Hitchhikers Guide).

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          It's very unusual for us to see questions about the outer reaches of London. Welcome to this ex-pat's real world. :-)