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Aug 18, 2013 01:50 PM

Driving from NJ to Bar stop other than Friendlys, etc

We are thinking we will probably stop in Ct. We think . On the way there. Is their any place enroute...on the road..not out of the way..other than Cracker Barrels and Friendlys and the like that's decent. Also for the trip home. Breakfast going. Lunch coming back. Saturdays for both.

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  1. You should really check the Southern New England board for CT directions. Specify which route your taking and I'm sure you'll get great suggestions! New Haven has plenty of great spots fairly close to the highway.

    If you stop in NH, around Portsmouth there's the Portsmouth Brewery, further off the highway you'll find great seafood places by the beach. Petey's in Rye is one of my favorites.

    1. No ideas for breakfast but if you're around New Haven right around 11:30AM either Sally's or Pepe's (my favorite) for pizza. Easy off/on and well worth it. My latest favorite travel food headed that way is BT's Smokehouse BBQ in Sturbridge, MA just off I-84 (about 1 mile) by the intersection with the Mass Pike.