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Aug 18, 2013 01:26 PM

Philadelphia Scrapple

Last evening over dinner a friend informed me that Philly scrapple, which he loves, was different than Lancaster County scrapple, which he does not like. He stated that Philadelphia scrapple is made with buck wheat flour and corn meal and Lancaster Co. is not made with buck wheat flour. Is this really the difference between the two?

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  1. I'm no scrapple maven, but I think this is true. Baltimore scrapple has a different distinction, can't remember what it is.

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    1. re: sal_acid

      Thanks Sal, nor am I that maven. Never had Baltimore but will give it a taste next time I get the chance. Understandable that there are different recipes and region based differences. Adding Baltimore to the scrapple mix.

    2. Doing a quick bit of googling, found an article from the New York Times from 1987 which suggested the difference between PA Dutch scrapple was not the buckwheat flour, but rather the seasoning, the Philly version being highly flavored with sage whereas the PA Dutch being flavored with savory or marjoram. They author did mention that buckwheat flour was added to promote browning.

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        CW, Thanks for the information. My search yield was not as enlightening as yours. Well I suppose there is no outright win for either of us on this friendly debate. Interesting, thanks.

      2. Slightly off topic here but I was in Cincinnati and northern KY last week, they serve Goetta which is ground pork mixed with oats which is ten times better than any scrapple.

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          That sounds very similar to haggis... at least in that it uses oats as a binder. I think the Scots use more of the nasty bits...

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            Amazes me that in a heavily German settled and populated area we/I have never even heard of this "German Breakfast Food". As CW noted it does seem to be haggis like, perhaps it is the oats component. Only had haggis 1/2 a time; no thanks. But I would love to try Goetta. Thanks for the mention.