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Good St. Louis Restaurants Open Labor Day

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Between a Monday and a holiday, having trouble finding a non-chain place for a family dinner. Between Clayton and the Central West End best, but will travel. Price not much of an object, but would prefer not too formal that would take reservations.

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. I see elsewhere they're suggesting Wild Flower. Would suggest other options if available - have found them extremely variable in terms of both food and service, sometimes on the same visit. Not to rain on parade, etc., but....

    1. isn't EVERYTHING open in the Loop 7 days now? not that each is a good choice. (sheesh when I was a hooligan there were tumbleweeds rolling down Delmar on Sundays and Mondays)

      down S of Wash U if they're open on that day, the DeMun Oyster Bar had the most luscious bisque when I was there. after that I had to go on statins.

      still it's a nice, casual corner, there's another place right there whose name I forget that's also pretty good. (obviously not postcard-worthy but still you could far far worse)

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          oh right Sasha's is the other one right there. nice salad and service.

      1. Not sure if it's open on your vaycay schedule, but we had a perfect dinner at Favazza's on "The Hill" last month. If you'd like to read my review look it up on Urbanspoon.

        Have a good vacation!

        1. What about Cardwells at Plaza Frontenac? I think they're usually open on Mondays due to being at the mall. Labor Day may be an exception.

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            Yes, I'm sure they are, and there are those side rooms for small groups. Good point, shannonstl.

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              Just called Cardwell's at Plaza Frontenac. Sorry, closed on Labor Day.

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                Wow. The whole mall must be closed, then; usually leases insist on all tenants (except movie theaters) being open at the same time. Too bad.

          2. What about something connected to a hotel? Basso in the Cheshire?

            1. Also Home Wine Kitchen in Maplewood is usually open on Monday because that is when they do "No Menu Mondays" but I don't know if they'll be open on Labor Day.

              1. Here's another second for Home Wine Kitchen. We were there this past Monday and no menu Monday is outstanding. Food is creative, using seasonal/local, and outstanding, service superb, wine list unique and very reasonable. HWK is our go-to place any night of the week.

                The Libertine, open since May in Clayton, is also very good. Josh Galliano, from the award-winning but now shuttered Monarch, leads the kitchen. Modern, creative takes that reflect his Southern roots and fun cocktail menu.

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                  cookingmatterschef, I almost hesitate to weigh in because the only places I seem to go any more are Table and Home Wine Kitchen, and I tend to go for brunch, not dinner....but I HAVE to second your suggestion. I've never had a meal at either place that wasn't wonderful. Not every dish is to my taste, but if I like it at all (fish), I love it when Cassie Vires cooks it. And even if I don't like it even a little bit (pumpkin), her renditions taste good enough to me to (almost) win me over. Josh is a wine brainiac, and he will even pair beer for you if that's your preference (hey, I'm a low-rent kinda gal). You absolutely want to call ahead of time, particularly for the no-menu Monday at HWK, since it can fill up well in advance of the date. The two no-menu dinners I've had at HWK are not only some of the best food I've ever eaten, but they are a great deal of fun...waiting to see what comes out of the kitchen for each diner, eyeing everyone's plate....comparing dishes. I wouldn't call either one 'fancy', the focus is much more on food than it is on wardrobe...I've been to Table (Cassie & Josh's new venture) for dinner once, brunch several times. Small plates, you're encouraged to order a variety, small portions but plenty of food in all, and everything I've had was absolutely perfect. Well thought out, well executed, darn tasty. The duck hash at brunch is fantastic. Table has long tables, you'll sit stranger-adjacent, I actually didn't think I'd like that, but it really isn't awkward, you can choose to talk or not talk to the folks near you. Home Wine Kitchen has much more traditional seating. You really can't go wrong with either. Home Wine Kitchen is in Maplewood, fairly centrally located in a nice little neighborhood. Table is down on Cherokee Street, south side not too far from the river/highway 55. The area is edgier, a little more hip. a little more run-down in spots. I think you would love either one.