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Aug 18, 2013 11:59 AM

Cushman's Bakery in upper manhattan

Does anyone recall if it was on the corner of 146th st or 144th st? the 1950's....this will settle a very important difference of opinion.

Altogh I preferred Cakemasters by a large margin, this location of my youth is a memory that needs to be resolved.

There will NEVER be a Bakery that has the seven layer cake slices as Cakemasters did



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  1. A quick Google search turned up a website- with a long post about the history of Cushman's .
    According to this site, Cushman's bakery was started in New York late in the 19th Century and at its height in the 1940's and 50's had as many as 45 retail locations around New York. It was bought out by the American Bakery Co. They closed down all of the Cushman's stores in 1964 .
    Unfortunately, there are only street addresses for a few of their stores and I didn't see an address that seemed to be that far uptown- But you might have better luck determining the exact location of the store you're looking for.

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      I had seen that article when I googled did not have street addresses........

      I guess i'll have to wait for someone who also lived there in the neighborhood at that time.

      Thanks for your research and reply.


    2. Marco,
      CUSHMANS was definitely located on west 125th street and Lenox Avenue on the southwest corner. During the 50's and 60's my grandmother and I went there a few times a week as we both had a voracious sweet tooth.My wedding cake came from cake masters on broadway .lol
      I am not aware of any other cushmans in Central Harlem.

      1. If you don't get a definitive reply you can go to the NYPL on 42 St and look up the Manhattan phone book (they have the reverse phone book too) for a year you are interested in. Go to the microfilm room on the first floor.