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Aug 18, 2013 11:49 AM

New Indian place in Manchester NH

Has anybody tried the new Indian restaurant off Elm Street behind LeMay Jewelers and across the street from the Breezeway?

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  1. I to saw the bill sign outside Anyone been or know cool if its good

    1. It's called India Cuisine, located at 15 Pearl St. We got a take out menu - they also deliver. They are open until 11pm! No AC, we will try it for dinner. 100% Halal. Menu is Northern Indian, i.e. Chicken Tikka Masala, vindaloo, korma, etc. The owner said business has been slow, so let's give him some!

      1. Tried take out tonight. Not very good and a tad expensive.

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          Then perhaps they need a good talking-to. If they have any chance of staying in business, they will have to revisit what they doing now, and then improve. Or close.

          But of course some establishments are just destined to go out of business from the moment they first open their doors. We see that all the time.

          The scary thing --------- a new, low-budget and struggling restaurant.... how fresh can the ingredients be when the owners are counting every dollar and just hoping someone will notice them. Lamb vindalo from a place which does little business ------ how fresh is that lamb? What are they going to do --- throw away meat? Or serve it?

          1. re: Dave B

            I am not hopeful...their flyer says they accept visa, m/c, but there is a big handwritten sign that says "cash only" when you walk in. Portions were small and the sauces were watery.

        2. It got 1 satar on Yelp already. Plus odd photos.
          One photo of a handwritten sign, advertising, pizza of all things.

          1. tried to order take out last week, at about 5 pm said they were going to close early, on a whim stopped there last night at around 5-30 door was closed but they opened it for me to say they were closed, but they did open for me , nice, had chicken vindaloo, garlic nan,

            Nan was not bad, but chicken Vindaloo was not that good very watery really no flavor, its a pity as we need some good urry joints here in Manchester, it will save me a trip to what I thing is my yard stick the Pongal in on route 3 a in MA

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              I forgot to mention the rice was really bad, would have be better having uncle ben