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Paella Rice.

Just got back from Spain and I'm inspired to make paella. Any idea where I can get paella rice in T dot? Apparently, the real stuff is much more absorbent than regular rice.

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    1. What you want is Bomba rice, very similar to Italian carnaroli which if it must, can be substituted.

      1. The rice guy in St. Lawrence Market sells it.

        But I agree with Delucacheesemonger - you can use the italian rice too in a pinch.

        1. The price of Bomba was $16 / kg at SLM several years ago. Since then, I have found it at Winners or their sister shops Home Sense, for $3-$4 / kg, or I use the bricks of Italian risotto rice from Highland Farms.

          1. I get my calasparra rice, which is a rice from Murcia, from Rincon de Espana on 550 Lakeshore road east in Mississauga (i prefer this to the more readily available bomba rice, AFAIK they also sell this). In a real paella carnaroli and arborio tends to be suboptimal since they release too much starch during the cooking process and the texture and mouthfeel just doesnt seem right.

            La Tienda (tienda.com), which is an online spanish food vendor, also sells this and can be delivered to your home.

            1. We bought Bomba rice last Christmas at Pimenton on Mount Pleasant. We made a fabulous seafood paella last night with it, in fact. (I guess it wasn't strictly seafood because we also had some Spanish chorizo.)

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                +1 for Pimenton

                Also if you find yourself challenged by the process Jose at Pimenton does frequent Paella making classes, that are both fun and informative, especially his trick on how to get exactly the right amount of rice in the pan.

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                  We actually bought order Paella from Jose for one of our Christmas gathering. We bought the pan from him as well and wow the presentation was absolutely amazing! It was stacked with huge shrimp and big pieces of chicken. On the downside, the rice was a little under-cooked (maybe be 10 minutes?). I'm going to give him my feedback next time I stop by the store. But I'm willing to give it another chance because it looked so nice and the flavour was authentic.

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                    You should be aware that Jose is closing the store and will concentrate his business on catering and cooking classes

                2. Get the Bomba at SLM, makes it work.

                  Spain on the Road Again did an amazing seafood Paella. Absolutely fricking outstanding when done on an open fire. Watch it starting at 12:45, then start looking for a place to build a fire !!


                  Recipe :

                  I do not direct the fire, the fire directs me...

                  1. If SLM or Pimenton aren't convenient for you, here's an online source for authentic Bomba rice: http://www.qualifirst.com/en/bomba-pa...