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Aug 18, 2013 09:43 AM

mediocre to acceptable low key places to eat

I wrote mediocre to acceptable in the title because if they food was better than average/very good, place probably wouldn't be low key at all.
I'm mostly looking for a place with no hype, but I guess asking on here would defeat the purpose...

I used to be extremely critical of the Plaza Cote-des-Neiges, the shawarma place had dry meat, the persian kebab place had dry meat and lukewarm sides, pita burger had bland everything (especially the fries), the defunct northern chinese place was dull, the defunct carribbean (Marrie's) was decent but microwaved, same with its replacement Village (Vallage?) Singapour. I've never tried the chinese and chinese-thai.
Recently I tried the sushi place Goong Sushi right next to Pita Burger, and I have to say I was quite satisfied. Better than Sushi Shop, and various non descript sushi places. It's nothing that really stands but still exceptional value that can't be beat if you are in the area.

Momoyama in the Carrefour Industrielle food court has nice Katsu plates with tempura veggies, rice, salad and miso soup for about 10 bucks.

The last 2 aren't exactly low key since they have been talked about quite a few times on here, but Nilufar is probably the last remaining true dirt cheap eat there is in Montreal. And Poutine Lafleur in verdun has had some positive vibes from people on here many times although I haven't been back in over a year now. Everytime I have tourists who want to try Poutine for the first time, I tell them to skip la Banquise to go to Poutine Lafleur instead (of course nobody ever does because Verdun sucks and the Plateau is prettier and more tourist friendly.)

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  1. It sounds like you are really seeking cheap but good places that haven't been talked about much. If that's the case then I suggest the following:

    Chez Ma Tante, 4985 Dunn
    Chalet Oncle Jamal, 6107 Sherbrooke O
    DeliBee's, 24 Valois Bay
    Fixe, 5985 St-Hubert
    La Flammée, 3638 St Denis
    Marchigiani, 1715 Thierry,
    Chez Nouri, 10 de Pins O
    Piesanna, 5300 Verdun
    Poulet Bronze, 1622 Lincoln
    Sheas, 1134 Ste Catherine O
    Shi Tan, 1622 de Maisonneuve W
    La Soupiere, 5th Floor The Bay
    Tous les jours, 1689 Mont-Royal E

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    1. re: EaterBob

      When I meant mediocre/acceptable, that's really what I meant, but good for me if it ends up being a low key place key that's actually more than acceptable. I've only been to Poulet Bronze from that list and I have to say it's more than just acceptable. I find it's oneof the best fried chicken in the city along with Dinette Triple Crown, whichis a different kind of fried chicken. Never tried Nouveau Palais and la Mauvaise reputation and I have no intention of trying Cafe Mardi Gras' and Ice House.

      Also I believe Chalet Oncle Jamal is no more unless they just changed the name of that place. It's been called many things throughout the years I wonder if they actually changed owners, menu. Went past it plenty of times but never bothered going in. Maybe it could be another Nilufar experience!

      1. re: EaterBob

        Tried Shi Tang, I had no idea such a place existed, although I probably would have found out about it earlier if i like Northern Chinese food better. Portions were enormous. Food was tasty although too oily but I guess that comes with the territory. The woman behind the counter was helpful when I told her I couldn't read chinese. Also had a jian bing, it was ok.

      2. Verdun "sucks" far less than it did ten or even five years ago. I wouldn't go to Poutine Lafleur simply because it is a chain, and since I live far closer to the Plateau than to Verdun I'd only head there either to see friends or colleagues there, or for a special restaurant (there is an Iranian byow that is tempting).

        Lots of little hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese places around here (Petite-Patrie/Villeray) that would suit your needs.

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        1. re: lagatta

          Poutine Lafleur at 3665 Wellington has nothing to do with Restaurants D Lafleur, otherwise known as "Lafleur's" which is the chain of hot dog restaurants.

            1. re: lagatta

              You're welcome (and to be honest, Lafleur's the chain, isn't all that bad. I tend to regard it like Dic Ann's as a quirky regional chain that for the most part serves good food despite being a chain).

              1. re: EaterBob

                I disagree about Dic Ann's - it so sick

                Is Chalet Oncle Jammal really any good?

        2. Thali on St-Marc (corner Ste-Catherine) has the best $5.00 lunch around. Either chicken tikka or lamb wrapped in a fresh naan with a slightly spicy, yogourty sauce. Delicious, cheap, filling. Their thali platters are also under $10 and are a great larger meal.

          1. My favorites for under 10$

            Poulet Bronze, 2$ a piece + tax
            Jade Garden steamed dumplings: up to 1$ a piece
            Harmonie / Cocobun / Legende / forgot-name-but-in-same-stretch: Hong Kong sweet + savory pastries up to 2$ each
            Uniburger: tastes like In'n'Out to me
            Kazu: 24-hour pork bowl is still 9$, nabemono is 7$
            Antep Kebab: pita sandwiches are 6$
            Ethan chinese restaurant: I get a big rice noodle with shrimp and congee dishes
            Thali (on St-Marc) dinners
            Pho Tay Ho medium bowl of pho is 9$
            Burrito Shop burritos skip the expensive optional toppings
            Hung Phat - best banh mi in town, 3-4$
            Mei Yuan - the real soup dumpling

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            1. welp, looks like this is gonna turn into another cheap eats thread......

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              1. re: Ghostquatre

                If you don't want that to happen, then you're going to have to clarify your request.

                1. re: EaterBob

                  #mediocre #acceptable #lowkey
                  >KAZU, arguably "the" restaurant of the hour with food that is way more than just "acceptable".

                  Some of these places are low key for many people I guess and I can't expect that people will know which place I know well or not, but it just seems IMO that most places listed in this thread have food that is considered by chowhounders to be way better than just mediocre or acceptable, and if the food is actually mediocre, it's a place that most people know about IMO (e.g. Harmonie)

                  From my own perspective, I would say that EaterBob's list is a lot closer to what i'm looking for than Marblebag's, but of course I understand that what is low key for some might not be as low key for others but c'mon, Kazu? Uniburger is not so low key I would think since it took over la Paryse's spot and is talked about a fair amount. Ethan is sorta in the same boat, but maybe a little moreunder the radar than Uniburger. Antep Kabab, I was always under the impression that it is one of the best middle easternsandwich place in Montreal along with Farhat and Abu Elias, but it hasn't been mntionned much a few years after it opened.

                  1. re: Ghostquatre

                    I'm mostly pissed off about Uniburger, because of my fond memories of la Paryse, but hadn't been back there for at least 10 years. I did pass by l'Anecdote, rather similar to feue la Paryse, and it is all spruced up in red and white, looking very nice, but I haven't been there for a long time either. Has anyone here?

                    1. re: lagatta

                      You should give Uniburger a try. Their burgers aren't anything like La Parye's, but they are very good, in a California quick service style.

                      If you (or anyone else) is looking for a burger to replace La Paryse, I'd suggest giving Les Belles Soeurs (2251 Marie-Anne E) a try. And it would also fit into what I *think* is Ghostquatre's concept of lowkey and acceptable.

                    2. re: Ghostquatre

                      yeah, uniburger is not low key at all considering it's right next to la distillerie which even suggest you go grab a burger from uni and come get a drink at their place

                      1. re: Ghostquatre

                        I do not understand your low key definition then because the under 10$ dishes at Kazu are low key compared to their 20$+ dishes.

                        Antep Kebab used to be much better when they were still making the pizza (boats) and sold their bread.

                        Ethan is low key because Keung Kee above or Bejing nearby has better food but prices start higher.

                        Uniburger is low key compared to Burger Bar or M:brgr which offers more variety than "single or double".

                        1. re: marblebag

                          why compare uniburger to m:brgr - that makes no sense at all

                          as for antep, what does selling their bread to the public have to do with the quality of their sandwiches - which are still great?

                          1. re: marblebag

                            Marblebag, low key has nothing to do with prices. It refers more to the atmosphere and in this case I think Ghostquatre is also referring to how well known the restaurant is and whether it has been mentioned previously and/or recently here on Chowhound.

                            1. re: EaterBob

                              It sounded to me like ghostsquare is looking for places that are cheap and serve pretty bad but passable food which really makes no sense to me as Id rather go someplace that serves great food if it is the same price; and there should be no surprise that many excellent value restaurants are mentioned here. If you read the OP it seems they are looking for place that have " dry meat, the persian kebab place had dry meat and lukewarm sides, pita burger had bland everything (especially the fries)". Altos in the mcgill ghetto is bland (especially the fries), maybe that would be a good start. Also for bland dry meat try amir on de maisoneuve..for places that reheat in the microwave try boustan...for passable sushi slightly better than sushi shop try sushi crescent.

                              1. re: kpaxonite

                                the amir on de maisonneuve is actually one of the better locations.

                              2. re: EaterBob

                                Eaterbob's right on the button. Most of the suggestions on his list have sparked my interest.

                                @kpaxonite: mediocre/acceptable but definitely not pretty bad. And I'm not looking for things that are like that passage you quoted, I'm looking for things that might seem like they are this bad but are actually decent/mediocre. I'm only suggesting that these places might be mediocre only because if they were so low key that they were never talked about much, I can't really expect that they would be great. Also I wouldn't consider Amir, Boustan and Sushi crescent to be "lowkey".
                                >which really makes no sense to me as Id rather go someplace that serves great food if it is the same price; and there should be no surprise that many excellent value restaurants are mentioned here
                                Well I want to try something different. I didn't want 3 posts about how Romados is great and good value (even though it hasn't been mentionned once, but with the way the thread's been going, it was about to happen)

                                Maybe this poor musical analogy would clarify things more if Eaterbob's explaination wasn't clear enough: Antep Kabab is/was Daft Punk and Amir is David Guetta. Neither are lowkey, and one of them is horrible.

                                1. re: Ghostquatre

                                  Had Antep Kabab today -- agree not talked about and amazing! How about Momessos - guess not low key ?

                                  1. re: kirkcoleman

                                    Not that low key but still kinda.

                                    Probably the best in the city for a hot steak sub. I've liked it very much the first time I tried it, but the subsequent times just felt sloppier and sloppier. . maybe my taste buds are evolving