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Aug 18, 2013 08:23 AM

Paris breakfast suggestions?

We will be staying at the Hotel La Belle Juliette on Rue du Cherche-Midi, not far from Blvd. Montparnasse, if I have looked at my map correctly.
Any suggestions for breakfast?
We are not looking for an American breakfast, rather coffee and a good croissant/pastry.
Thank you.

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  1. At the top end of Rue Cherche-Midi is a cafe next to Boulangerie Poilane that serves a lovely breakfast and lunch.
    Marc Contini at the bottom end of Rue Cherche-Midi is a good baguette bakery, but l have not been there for a while. He may still be the supplier of baguettes to Chez Josephine Dumonet.
    If you take Rue Cherche-Midi to Bd Raspail, at the SE corner is a small cafe that while not having a huge selection of pastry, always put me in a lovely window table and treats me wonderfully.

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      The place next to Poilâne is Cuisine de Bar - it opens at 8:30a TUE-SAT:

    2. Thank you both. This is very helpful.

      1. Offering a contrarian view, we love having breakfast in our room, reading the IHT, organizing our day, hitting the streets fed, freshened and ready to take on whatever we'd planned. We have the luxury of plenty of coffee, a pot each, and time to enjoy it.

        1. If you can wait until 10am Mon-Sat, Colorova on the rue de l'Abbé Grégoire... way above average coffee... home-made pastries... excellent Sunday brunch (from 11am)... and just a 5-min walk from your hotel... but don't expect trad and cutesy.

          Surprisingly good for breakfast, La Duchesse Anne on the rue de Rennes/ bd du Montparnasse/ place du 18 Juin. A crêperie that I never really considered because of its touristy location across from the Tour Montparnasse shopping centre but popped in a very rainy traffic-jam day on my way to work and had a good breakfast crêpe and an excellent omelette. Most of the space is taken up by the épicerie and galley kitchen but some counter seats and a small "salle".

          Au Chien Qui Fume at the corner of the rue du Cherche-Midi and the bd du Montparnasse... above average trad brasserie open from 7am... not sure about their breakfast stuff but if the croissants are not to your liking, you can make a quick run to the Eric Kayser boulangerie on the corner of bd Montparnasse and rue Sèvres for pastries to eat discreetly back at the café... but you must order order coffee and croissants at Au Chien qui Fume as well so that the waiter doesn't feel like you're cheating... when munching pastries purchased somewhere else, I usually show the bag/ box to the waiter after I've ordered coffee and a snack and ask very politely "On peut...?" and,almost always, the response is "Faites"/ go ahead/ do it... very nice terrace if the weather is good... less than 5-mins from your hotel (+ another 2 minutes to Eric Kayser) ... and I seem to remember a boulangerie (never tried) right next door to Au Chien Qui Fume but not sure if it still exists.

          If a 10-minute walk is ok, my fave pain au chocolat in Paris is at Bread & Roses on the rue Fleurus (where Gertrude Stein used to live)... and just a minute from the Luxembourg gardens for a morning game of boule or strolling among the queens (sculpted ones).

          A little treasure that might be just a bit too far (12- to 15-min walk) for you, Art Macaron on the bd du Montparnasse @ the rue de Chevreuse. Misleading name because they have lots more than macarons... and very good coffee... excellent petit déjeuner from 9am Tue to Sat. BTW, the owner won the "Championnat de France du Dessert" according to a certificate on the wall.... and used to be the pastry chef at the Hotel George V. After breakfast, you can pop over to the very interesting Cimetière du Montparnasse to say hi to famous dead folks like J-P Sartre, Man Ray, Eric Rohmer, Marguerite Duras, Charles Baudelaire etc. And/ or the open-air Marché Edgar Quinet on Wed and Sat mornings.

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              Thank you so much. In addition to being helpful, your writing is delightful!

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                To astonish the astonishing Deluca and to help and delight Mme Sylvia is reward enough... you both have made me blush (ok, ok, I'm lying but faiblesse, not noblesse, obliges a certain modesty) :)