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Aug 18, 2013 07:11 AM

Restaurant and Bar suggestions for LA? Santa Monica, Downtown and Hollywood!

Hi all!

My boyfriend and I are visting LA from London for the first time next month.
We are here for 4 nights and have most of our days planned out, however we're looking for some food inspiration!! Both of us complete foodies and this will be a big part of our trip!

We are a young couple (mid 20's) and like pretty much all kinds of food and do not have any budget in mind. Any nice bars/cocktail bars would be welcome too!

Staying at the Andaz on Sunset Boulevard, have a car to get around.

Any suggestions for places around the Hollywood, Santa Monica or Downtown areas would be much appreciated, however we are open to any suggestions!


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    1. re: mc michael

      Did you throw in that Yamashiro link just to see if anyone on the board was paying attention? For self professed foodies let's not give them the idea that we are "punking" them for some mean spirited reason (g). Okay, if they want to have a drink and get a little view...they won't be mad at us if the stick to that. But for God's sake, no ordering food up there!

      If you want a fun and unique breakfast that wiill send one into a diabetic coma then go to The Griddle in West Hollywood and order one of the more extravagant pancake (Scotch on the Rocks) or French toast (Devil's Daydream) dishes.

      If they happen to be downtown then breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Nickel Diner is a good plan. Don't forget to get a few Maple Glazed Bacon donuts to go when you leave, (have the home made Ding Dongs for dessert while you are there).

      1. re: Servorg

        <For self professed foodies>

        Yamashiro is definitely not one of the greatest food finds in the city but let's be fair...
        The view is renowned and anyone coming to Los Angeles from out of town will be introduced to something quite memorable...they're staying on Sunset and Yamashiro is customarily part of that scene.
        Go for drinks and a stunning view of LA, if nothing else.

        1. re: latindancer

          For drinks and a stunning view I suggest a container of Margaritas (disguised as "lemon aid") and a stop at the Griffith Observatory...

            1. re: mc michael

              Love his drives me wild.

              1. re: Servorg

                The Jimmy sausage is ok; the Paula, not so much.

              1. re: Servorg

                That does sound negative to be sure. Not in depth, but negative.

                1. re: Servorg

                  There's so much crap, in the way of food, on Sunset....
                  this restaurant being only one of many.

                  Perhaps with the added several 10 story buildings proposed and passed by the city of WeHo, right on Sunset, there'll be a new advent of good restaurants.
                  Who knows...
                  One can only hope.

              2. re: Servorg

                Servorg, I've heard so much about this Griddle Cafe its a definite must now! Diabetic coma? My OH is a sugar nut so this sounds right up his street. Liked the 'cheap eats' link on your other post, thanks.

                1. re: JacLondon

                  The line is probably shorter at Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles, but the pancakes/waffles at The Griddle are monsters (go hungry).

                    1. re: Servorg

                      Oh dear. I think I'll have to starve myself and do some damage control before I arrive...
                      Looks incredible! Scotch on the Rocks..yum.

              3. Downtown I recommend RIVERA, a Latin restaurant with very good food and drinks.

                Santa Monica has MELISSE,one of the best restaurants in all of L.A.. However, it is also verynexpensive, easily $200 per person.

                Also in Santa Monica but far cheaper is LARES, a casual Mexican restaurant.

                1. Are you looking exclusively for upscale, night-life, things that are prototypically "LA" or "US"? Things you might not be able to find in London?

                  I think LA tends to excel in the hole-in-the-wall or moderately-priced ethnic restaurants. And I imagine you can probably find a lot of high-end restaurants in London. Maybe Mexican, Korean, or Ethiopian? Or perhaps a day trip out to the San Gabriel Valley for Chinese (not super-familiar w/ Chinese food in London, but I'm under the impression it's mainly Cantonese/HK and meant for tourists?). Even walking along Sawtelle in West LA might be interesting (and there's certainly good food to be found).

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                  1. re: ilysla

                    Hi ilysla, we'd love to try some stuff that you might not be able to try in London if you have any suggestions?! Other than that we just like good food and nice bars!
                    I've hear a bit about hole-in-the-wall places in LA..we absolutely love Mexican and Thai so if you have any ideas in that direction that would be amazing :)

                  2. Animal
                    Son of A Gun
                    Park's BBQ
                    Langer's Deli
                    MB Post
                    Zankou Chicken
                    Tsujita LA
                    Plan Check
                    Connie & Ted's
                    Superba Snack Bar
                    & In N' Out Burger

                    Just a few of my favorites.
                    Welcome to LA.

                    1. i tend to go for fun eats - not the fancy stuff - especially for lunch. we just can't go to Hollywood without stopping at the Farmer's Market (3rd and Fairfax) for at least one or two meals/snacks. Also great, fun coffee houses like Javista, Food Lab, Urth Cafe, and Tiago. I tried to get into STREET last time we were there, but couldn't get a reservation - still, I've heard great things.

                      I've had a lot of luck with yelp - just filter it to 4 stars and above, whatever neighborhood you happen to be in. SO MANY great ethnic places in LA it's hard to pin down just a few.

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                      1. re: rmarisco

                        Yelp has been downloaded and I love a good coffee so will be sure to check out some of the places you have mentioned! Thanks.