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Aug 18, 2013 04:38 AM

Cotuit (Barnstable) Suggestions Needed

Spending a week here and looking for the following in the immediate area and up to 20 min away.

- Fish Markets
- Butchers
- Local Produce Markets
- Lobster Rolls
- Take Out (anything good, esp sushi)
- Casual places to eat with the family
- Ice Cream

Suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. You are in a bit of a dead zone for food, but here are a few suggestions:

    Fish markets: best is Joe's at the Sandwich Marina but probably exceeds your 20-minute limit. There is a fish market at the Mashpee Rotary, which I haven't tried, and Roche Brothers in Mashpee has pretty good seafood as well.

    Butchers: best are Peterson's or Barnstable Market (same ownership). Best within 20 minutes would be Roche Brothers. Their butcher shop has great meats.

    Local Produce Markets: there is a market at Mashpee Commons on Saturdays from 1:30-6 and another in Osterville at the Historical Society on Fridays from 9-1. Another option is Sprout Farm on Quiniquissit Road in Mashpee.

    No recs for lobster rolls within 20 minutes.

    The only place I would recommend for sushi is Inaho on 6A in Yarmouthport, but that's outside your 20-min. limit.

    Casual places to eat with the family: maybe Wimpy's in Osterville? Lots of choices and family-friendly.

    Ice cream: best rec within 20 minutes is 4 Seas in Osterville. Chad's and Polar Cave are also close by and very popular.

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    1. re: lisaonthecape

      Thanks! We also received a sushi suggestion a bit farther out for Misaki. Any experience with that?

      We received another rec for the fish market and Mashpee rotary, so will check that out and report back. It is nice to have the Roche Bros so close, so we aren't stuck with Stop & Shop!

      1. re: Gabatta

        I forgot about Misaki. I've never tried it, but I think that Cape Cod Guy (one of the best and most reliable posters on this site) likes it, so it would be worth a try.

        If you want a break from cooking, Roche Brothers also has decent prepared foods and good catering if you want to pre-order anything.

        If you like Italian (real Italian, not Italian-American), La Civetta in Falmouth has the best authentic Italian on Cape Cod. Depending on where you are in Cotuit--and the vagaries of Cape summer traffic--it's probably 30 minutes or so. My husband used to work in Italy, and we have travelled there extensively, so we're picky about our Italian food. Would be o.k. for kids if you go early. There's a great chocolate shop with gelato just down the street.

      2. re: lisaonthecape

        We did go to Polar Cave tonight. Everyone enjoyed the ice cream and waffle cones pressed to order. I really liked all of the Coke memoribilia decorating the shot. Very neat and unique.

      3. Lisa summed it up rather nicely. Except for one high-end option, Cotuit is a bit of a chowish wasteland, and your 20 minute limit excludes most places worth patronizing on the Cape. I do like Misaki and it's run by a nice young couple. Not "WOW" great, but always rather good. A slight step down, but still acceptable, is Asia in Mashpee Commons, which depending on traffic, may be under that 20 minute mark. Neither comes close to the quality of Inaho in Yarmouthport however, but that's easily a 30 minute ride or more. You may want to search the board for Hyannis and Mashpee recs as that would be the outer boundry of your stated limit. Also, there's a general store in Cotuit that's worth a visit and makes a pretty good pizza.

        1. Definitely outside of the 20 minute limit, but we had a very enjoyable meal at the Cape Sea Grille in Harwichport. The front porch room was very cozy. The apps were stronger than the mains, but all plates were cleaned. The fish tacos were particularly enjoyable. Service was a bit uneven, but not enough to detract from the meal. We walked up Sea Street to the beach after dinner. I want the beachfront house on the left (facing the water).

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            If you're willing to go that far out of your previously stated limit, it opens up a world of opportunities, many far better than Cape Sea Grill IMO. Ocean House for one.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              We actually had a pretty disappointing meal at the Ocean House earlier this year. We found the food having an issue with style over substance, with a lot of the flavors being muddled. Go figure.

              Very nice setting though. Maybe we'll give it another shot some other time.

              We will only have the opportunity for one more excursion up the cape on this trip and that is reserved for Mac's Shack. We are sort of bummed not to be staying closer to our favorite place this week.

              1. re: Gabatta

                Sorry to hear that. It's one of a small handful of places that's always been consistently excellent for me, and one never reads negative reviews about it here.

          2. It took about 25 min to get to the The Cape Codder Seafood Market in West Yarmouth. We picked up some very nice big eye Tuna and a a few dozen local oysters. Both were extremely fresh and the fish was reasonably priced. We were very pleased with the quality.

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            1. re: Gabatta

              It's a good market. Fresh quality and prices are generally reasonable. There's a big market on W. Main who has great product but insane pricing. I really like getting steamers at the market you went to. Always very clean as I believe they keep them in the lobster tanks so they purge the sand. The shells are always washed also.

            2. We ended up finding a pretty decent lobster roll at the Kettle Ho right in Cotuit. It was large, fresh and tasty. The mix of whole claw meat and other shredded met wasn't ideal, however for somewhere we could get to in a matter of minutes it was nice to have closeby. I enjoyed it more than the somewhat tasteless rolls we got as take out from Raw Bar one night.

              Lobster roll aside, we really enjoyed the Ho overall. It is a bit of a throwback locals place with some cozy booths and nooks along the wall. We were treated very well, even with the kids in tow. The steamers, burgers, steak tips and pizza were all better than expected. The food wasn't anything fancy, but still better than the majority of places on the Cape. It's a great place to drink as well.