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Any updates on SGV dim sum carts?

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There are a lot of threads from several years back. I'm wondering what would be a recent recommendation (Aug 2013) for cart dim sum please? Thank you!

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  1. A few weeks ago I went to Ocean Star (145 N Atlantic Blvd, top floor, Monterey Park) and was happy -- not ecstatic, but happy.

      1. Thanks for the link PeterCC and replies, both. This back/forth doesn't seem to changed much in *years*. I spent hours last night reading all the old threads. I guess we'll try 888 though it seems to me there are proponents of Ocean Star and Empress Harbor out there as well. Perhaps certain dishes are better at certain places and hence, the never-ending ambiguity. I think in the end it must mean they're all pretty good, not as good as the non-cart dim sum, but part of that old-time experience.

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          Nix Empress Harbor.

          888 or Ocean Star at 1 and 1a.

          New Capital, Empress Harbor, Capital Seafood, Five Star (nee Sam Wood) and NBC are in the next tier.

          Top Island is in the bottom tier called "Dim Sum for those on Public Assistance."

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            888 & ocean star are the only cart places i've patronized in LA in the last -3 4 years.