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McDonald's Breakfast sandwiches

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is the cheese in a sausage egg mcmuffin or other McD breakfast sandwich supposed to be served melted or UNmelted??

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  1. They place a slice of cheese on the sandwich and eventually it melts.

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    1. Funny you ask, because I have had it both ways. But usually melted.

      1. The majority of the sausage mcmuffins I've consumed the cheese was somewhat melted. Recently tried the bacon, egg and cheese bagel and the cheese was very very melty.

        1. i think it takes awhile for that amount preserved cheese product to actually melt...

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            Yes, I think they need to reduce the amount of plasticizers in the so-called "cheese" they use.

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              ya when you can leave it in the back seat of a car on Teaxas summer day and it still not melt... I think we may have the shuttle bay doors

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              Processed cheese is created to melt at a lower temperature, and smoother, than other cheeses. That's one of the reasons it's used so often for quick cheeseburgers.

            3. I don't know, but you know what's really good? Get the value meal and put the hash brown in the sandwich. Egg McMuffins and hash browns are just about the only McDonald's food I eat.

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                I like to split the hashbrown longways and slip a half into the sausage breakfast burrito. Good stuff.

              2. As a few others mention, it is placed on at room/slightly chilled temp, but it naturally melts from the heat of the sausage and egg. Also once the sandwich is wrapped it becomes a bit of an oven or heater in the wrapping keeping the heat enclosed so that promotes the melting even further. (why you always find the cheese stuck to the paper when you unwrap it).

                I am not a big fan of fast food in general, but I have a hard time saying Mc Donald's breakfast sandwiches aren't just dam good tasting. I'll put their sausage, egg and cheese biscuit against any others.