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Aug 17, 2013 06:44 PM

Mid Coast Trip Report - August 2013

Tried a few new places this year.

McLoon's Lobster Shack, Sprucehead Island
- this was the find of the trip
- gorgeous spot, quintessential Maine view of lobster boats bobbing in the setting sun, really best lobster with a view EVER
- you eat outside on picnic tables although they do have a covered area
- lobster rolls, steamed lobsters, corn, lobster stew (very good), corn chowder, pie, also grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for the lobster averse
- only open untl 7pm and BYOB
- keep driving out to the end of the road past all the lobster docks
- there is also a great used book store "Lobster Lane" on this road only open Saturdays and Sundays, best used books with a view :)

The Happy Clam, Tenants Harbor
- fun local spot owned by a German family so they have all the usual seafood dishes (very fresh) plus pub basics like burgers, chicken wings PLUS German dishes like schnitzel, etc.
- friendly service, great place to watch a Red Sox game
- best steamers of the trip

Rocky Coast Brewery, Rockland
- food was same as previous pub-type places at this location
- they are building a brewery but it isn't up and running yet. I hope they update the menu.
- Bloody Mary was really good - I've been on a search for a good one and this is it

Darby's, Belfast
- comfortable place with a refreshingly varied menu
- wasn't amazing but I appreciated the effort, so many restaurants in Maine serve the same things
- fantastic service

- french toast Babka - YUM

Some old favorites:
Rockland Cafe - we always go for the fish cakes but the beans stole the show this trip. Classic New England baked beans - so good! Now I have to make room in my standard breakfast order to include fish cakes and beans. I guess I'll have to skip the eggs :) Best fried clams of the trip and the cheapest.
Slipway, Thomaston - grilled calamari were in a wonderful pesto sauce but there was no char so it seemed more like a ceviche. Still good though.
Thomaston Cafe - great pear and brie omelette
Muscongus Bay Lobster, Round Pond - this is still my favoruite lobster on the dock because you get steamers and corn with your lobster dinner so I don't have to choose. AND they have oysters.

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  1. rats, we haven't discovered Spruce Island and McLoon's lobster shack. Thanks for the heads up. I think we walked past Rockland Café and didn't go in. Great baked beans? This is a great compliment in the days when so many places are selling canned products.

    Great trip report, thanks!

    1. I had lunch at Darby's earlier this summer and I agree. Not amazing but quite good, lots of choices, and remarkably (memorably) nice service.

      1. Nice report on some of the lesser known places on the MidCoast!

        1. Forgot to mention a few more local gems:

          Owls Head General Store for burgers. Incredibly sloppy and delicious, friendly service. Great spot after a trip to the gorgeous Owls Head lighthouse!

          The Keag Store - fish hash is a great addition to a pretty standard breakfast. Grab a table inside and read the newspaper with the old timers. Crab rolls are The Best according to me and Melissa from Primo. Take them to Birch Point beach for a picnic or across the street to the picnic tables where you can pick up free wifi from the South Thomaston library in the little red school house.

          1. Can't believe I forgot to mention Dorman's! Right on route 1 between Thomaston and Rockland. As always, great old fashioned ice cream at a classic road side stand. There are no over-the-top choco-fudge-brownie-overload type flavours here. Peppermint stick is my favourite but since we went nearly every day (I'm not kidding) I had a chance to try their raspberry, blueberry and banana. All honest expressions of the fruit, nothing artificial about them. Each family member has a favourite which include: ginger, butter crunch and mint chocolate chip.