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Aug 17, 2013 06:15 PM

SE Michigan = Best Halal Butcher

Have a party I am catering on next Sunday and they want me to have Beef Brisket and it must be Halal. Out of respect I will not try to pass off non-halal meat. I do not care how far I have to travel for the right halal butcher.

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  1. I have no idea which is best or right for you, as I'm not a customer particularly.

    I'm aware there is the giant Berry & Sons Halal packer/butcher in Eastern Market, and that the more retail oriented Adams' is there as well. Also Berry fairly recently opened a storefront in Hamtramck--

    Super Greenland's extensive butcher counter over in Dearborn is, of course, entirely Halal-- as are the number of the smaller meat markets along that W Warren Ave strip.

    I've noticed there's a Halal butcher along that strip on Orchard Lake Rd also containing Zayeqa and the Patel market. I've also seen them in various strip malls along the Sterling Heights/Troy border though I'm not specifically recalling any one just now.

    They're everywhere. Maybe you already knew that.

    1. There are probably a good ten well-established Halal butchers within a few miles of 15 Mile and Ryan in Sterling Hts., but I can't say that they would be better than what surely is available in Eastern Market and Dearborn, much closer to your new house (congrats, by the way). Sorry. Perhaps you may have to do a browsing blitz for a half hour, up and down Warren Ave in Dearborn, to see if something strikes your fancy or if you are given any hot referrals?

      1. Actually I have been to a bunch in Dearborn and have gotten goat many times, but not beef. I have gotten a few recommendations via Facebook of a place in Canton at Palmer and Haggerty roads that I will try for this endeavor.

        VTB, thanks on the house comment. Living at Ridge and Cherry Hill out in the land of Stepford wives!

        1. Jerusalem Market (Courtyard shops, Plymouth Rd, AA)? While I haven't purchased meat there, they seem to do a good business. Pleasant management.

          1. Arabian Village Market in South Dearborn known as Yemen town the very best prices and has been there 32 years in a shopping plaza with Dearborn Bakery with amazing Arabic breads and Falafel along with and market that sells live chickens. A truly hidden area looking over at the Ford Rouge plant that's a true gem to visit. My favorite in the fresh ground while you wait Lamb Kafta only $3.49 per pound that Super Greenland sells for $4.29 a pound. Also best prices on Lamb legs and shoulders you'll find anywhere. ENJOY

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              Sounds very interesting to me. Thanks!