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Aug 17, 2013 06:05 PM

Gallup Asian Fusion Bridgewater Rt 202

Has anyone tried this new restaurant on Rt 202 ??????

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  1. Husband and I ate here for lunch today. It was a very big lunch! The interior of the restaurant is now very nice; hard to believe that it used to be an IHOP. I like the booths with the high walls - would be nice for a date.

    There is a menu of typical American Chinese food, as well as a sushi menu. The prices on these items are a couple of dollars higher than other places, but the owner obviously put a lot of money into renovating the building so surely they need to recoup some costs. We ordered fried and pork dumplings and shrimp fried rice from the main menu. The potstickers were good, but at $8 for 6 not worth the price. The shrimp fried rice was steep at $11.50, but quite good - I liked that it was not too salty (so many places use too much soy sauce or broth) and had scrambled egg in it.

    We were really excited by the "Traditions" menu, as it features some of the same dishes we love from Szechuan Ace in Somerset but are too lazy to drive an hour to get. We had the dry diced chicken, and pork stir-fried with hot peppers and leeks. Both of these dishes were outstanding! The dry diced chicken had lots of those Szechuan pepper corns that make your tongue tingle then feel numb........ love those! I asked for the pork to be extra spicy, and it was a good amount of heat: enough to make my nose run, but not so hot that it overwhelmed the flavor of the dish.

    There are some other dishes on the menu that I want to try, like cumin lamp, and a meatball and greens soup.

    I hope this place does well, and that people are adventurous enough to try the real Chinese dishes. Actually, the pricing on the authentic dishes was better than the Americanized food or sushi, in that it is comparable to prices at Szechuan Ace or Fortune Cookie. I'd really recommend ordering off the Traditions menu. There are a ton of places to get sesame chicken, so I'm excited to be able to finally get some Szechuan dishes closer to home.

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      I've lost track of all the restaurants that have occupied this space. The common thread was that ownership did not change so I'm wondering.....are the owners the same guys who owned the IHOP and the Indian restaurant before that (and the short lived restaurant that was there after the IHOP)?

      1. re: ambrose

        I don't think so. According to Yelp the chef had a highly regarded Chinese restaurant in NYC, hence all the traditional dishes. Whoever owns it now did put a lot of money into the place - it is really nice inside. Sure doesn't look like IHOP anymore!

        I think it went: Indian restaurant, IHOP, Garden Grill (which was confusingly a pancake house as well) and now Gallup. :-)

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          Highly-regarded Chinese restaurant in NYC? Which one?

          1. re: famdoc

            Wu Liang Ye. Never been there...... cutted and pasted that from a Yelp review. :-)

            1. re: esjro

              I've never been there, either, but will ask a Chowhound who has extensive Chinese restaurant experience if he knows the place and his opinion.

              1. re: esjro

                Here's what Chowhound Lau, who is very knowledgeable about Chinese cuisine and restaurants, said about Wu Liang Ye: "Wu Liang Ye is quite old actually, its probably one of the oldest along with the grand sichuan chain. They had more than one branch at one point, but the original rockefeller center branch is the only one left. Fyi, Wu Liang Ye is actually a brand of chinese liquor, they make a really strong liquor called bai jiu.

                Anyhow, it was originally one of the best sichuan restaurants before the explosion of sichuan restaurants in manhattan. I haven't been there in probably ~4 years, so I can't really say how it is these days"

                Based upon his history of having cooked at WLY, I'd say Gallup is worth a reconaissance mission by an intrepid hound.

                1. re: famdoc

                  Just came back from a late lunch there. :-) The Lion's Head meatballs in green vegetable broth was very good, though the broth is more like a sauce than a soup. The meatballs are HUGE! Also had braised beef in a hot chili oil, and the mapo tofu. The latter was very good - lots of pork and chili oil; not the typical Americanized version.

                  The stir fried pork with hot peppers and leeks is still my favorite though. I hope they add more traditional Chinese dishes to the menu!