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Aug 17, 2013 03:23 PM

Chicken confit in a crockpot?

So I want to try to make this recipe (but crisped at the last minute):

And I'm wondering if I could do the majority of the cooking (the 12-14 hour portion) in a crockpot on low- I think this would easily render the fat. My concern is then crisping it, but I think I could put the crockpot baking "dish" (the removable insert) into the oven at around 400 for a few minutes to crisp it up...

To me, anything that needs to be cooked low and slow can be done in the crockpot... but maybe I'm mistaken for something this delicate- thoughts?

I am deliberately trying this with chicken so as not to waste expensive duck...

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  1. Somewhere, either in the Québec thread or the Home Cooking thread, I successfully made duck confit after a lucky accident - a box of duck legs marked as something else much cheaper at "Le Canard libéré", a duck shop in central Montréal. I told the cashier it was mismarked, no dishonesty upon my part, but he said he had to let me buy them at that price (the whole counter of them was marked at an absurdly low price).

    It was perfectly good, (I did them in duck fat) and of course I later crisped the duck pieces in the oven. Interesting to think you can do them in olive oil; I confess the thought of oil simmering overnight frightens me a bit, but it is no scarier than duck or any other fat.

    1. I'm not sure the crockpot is low enough - even at the lowest setting, mine bubbles, and with chicken less that 8 hours renders it dry and tasteless. Confit is supposed to be done at about 80 C, well below that point.

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        I have a very old crockpot, with a lower low than modern ones. I had no problem with the duck confit, but the oil scares me. Obviously, it is harder to make duck "dry and tasteless" than chicken.

      2. I've really wanted to try this out but haven't gotten around to it yet. Test your crockpot temp first--heat up water a few hours and check the temp. You want it about 200. I've had slow cookers that have run high but my newest is great (so much for that rumor about new crock pots all running high). If it does run high, try adding a dish towel under the lid and then checking. I like the results of adding a dish towel because it absorbs the steam that evaporates rather than letting it drip back into the pot. If that doesn't lower it enough, prop it w/ a spoon. Theoretically, a slow cooker would be an ideal tool for confit.

        1. I wanted to try this too! I have an old crockpot with a high and low dial. My concern was the comdensation going back into the crockpot. I like Chowsers idea of putting a towel under the lid, but womder if it lowers the temp significantly. Has anyone tried this?

          Can you report back how you did it and if it worked?

          1. IMO I think without the ambient dry heat of the oven you'd just end up with oil-poached chicken. The fat will not render properly.