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best bbq near fort worth

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I am a big BBQ fanatic. Can any one suggest the best places in the area. Thanks much.

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  1. By general consensus, Angelo's and Railhead. Both are better than anything in Dallas. But, while good, neither is on par with the Central Texas legends.


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      There is a little place called the Feedstore in Southlake. Small and very good.

    2. j
      Jason Becker

      Try Dickey's for the best in Texas BBQ. Perfect ribs and brisket.

      Good Luck.

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        If you are serious about this recommendation, you need to try a few more places. Dickey's is fair to middling, on a good day, and every time I have had their ribs they have been parboiled before smoking.

      2. Main Street BBQ in Euless is an All-U-Can-Eat for $10 or 11. Only open Friday, Sat, and Sunday though. He's won so many BBQ competitions he had to open his own place. Started out as just a Friday cookout for his workers at his trucking company he owns nearby.
        North on Main from hwy 183 (121) 3 blocks- on the right.

        Also, A small joint in Grand Prairie I used to frequent....not any signs there i can remember...just BBQ and Fish on Fridays. Crown's BBQ 1902 West E Roberts Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75051
        (972) 264-8366. Hard to find, but always a line on most days....very small place- I think had 5 tables.

        1. d
          David Pearlman

          My favorite is Lee's, which is in Haslet. Take 35W to Westport Parkway, then head west. Just before you reach the railroad tracks in Haslet there's a stop sign, and Lee's is just to the left. He's closed on Sundays and on the third Saturday of each month.

          1. Up n Smoke BBQ in Keller (Main Street). Great pulled pork, don't miss the corn fritters and a great beer selection to boot!

            1. Good store bought bbq is next to legand or fairy tail. Having grown up in MS I'm partial to pork rather than beef. Also I prefer dry to wet. Sauce on the side is best since most don't measure up and corrupt the smoked meat. That being said it's hard to beat my house. We're not open for business but are considering a satelite offering.

                1. Angelo's has the reputation, but it's hit or miss. I much prefer Cousins. Red Hot and Blue's dry rub ribs are excellent also.

                  1. Try Danny D's on Bedford-Euless Road in Hurst. Excellent ribs and brisket. They've been around for a long time 40+ years I think.

                    1. North Main in Euless is good actually $12. I also like Railhead in Ft. Worth. There is also a pretty decent place on Belknap as I remember, the BBQ pit as I remember, it's basically a biker bar and bbq joint.

                      1. Nobody has said it yet, so I'll go ahead--

                        If you're a BBQ fanatic, nothing in DFW is as good as in Central Texas.

                        Generally, the Railhead has excellent ribs and Angelo's has the best brisket. There's also a place down south named Cousin's with very nice brisket.

                        No place else comes close, although the North Main $12 buffet is a good deal.